Walking routes in Catalonia

Walking routes in Catalonia

In Catalonia we have thousands of small and long-haul routes distributed throughout the territory that offer us the possibility of enjoying environments with great landscape value as well as touring places with historical value.

One of the best ways to get to know the country is stepping on it step by step. A walking route is the best option to get away, get out of the house and monotony, get healthy and learn and see new things.

The offer is endless, from getaways and day trips through the territory or routes and crossings to enter nature and the landscape for a longer period of time, it all depends on the desire you have to walk and the time you have.

Walking helps maintain a healthier steady breath, improves blood circulation and helps us stay fit. But it can also favor the development of your senses.

From femturimse we want to spread the taste for hiking with the best walking routes and excursions!

Empedrats, Cap de la Boixassa and Adou del Bastareny

Tour of the Gresolet Valley

Inclusive circuit in Gironella

Route of the Castles of Sió

Tomb through the Sierra de Ancosa in La Llacuna

Way of the Ribera in Alp

Route between the valley of Camprodon and Alt Vallespir

The Puig de Cadiretes in Llagostera

Circular route through the Els Munts Sanctuary from Sant Boi…

The water route in Montgai

Sea route of pirates and legends in Mont-roig del Camp

Ribera del Río Foix to Penyafort

A trip to prehistory through Ardenya-Cadiretes, in Tossa de…

Cork route in Cassà de la Selva

Circular route with snowshoes through the Pedró dels Quatre…

Pollegó Superior del Pedraforca through Verdet's neck

Castellsapera and Tres Cruces Hill Route

The Coscollet from Aubàs (Sierra de Aubenç)

Route through the Lagos de la Pera

Itinerary through the factories of Santa Maria de Palautordera

Route of Garrell de Argelaguer

Route through the Carena del Roc de Fraussa from the Sanctuary…

Live the water paths of Alta Ribagorça

Route along the Camino de Ronda de Roses from the lighthouse…

Path of the sources in Peramola

From San Ramon to Cervera, crossing the southern Segarra

Route through the historic center of Torredembarra

Route with snowshoes in the Mirador del Pla de la Leche from…

La Gallina Pelada from Font Freda (Sierra de Ensija)

Route through the Baix Camp

Route through the Sima de la Febrón from Pla de l'Agustenc

Circular route through the Cima del Matagalls from the Bordoriol…

A walk through the meadows and the Salt orchards

La Sanabra and the San Lorenzo fund

Route through the hazelnut landscapes

The Pujol de Planès and the Navel stream in Montmajor

The Medieval architecture of the Empordà

The route of the 4 villages of La Secuita

Circular route through the Cingles de Vallcebre

Route Forest of Casanoves - El Querol in Collsuspina

Picasso's Cave

Circular route through Catllaràs from Sant Romà de la Clusa

Transfilla Route

Route between the old parishes of Gombrèn, Campdevànol and…

Road from Queralbs to Núria by Daió

Way of the Old Castle of Olivella

Route of the Fountains and Verlets by the volcano of the Caña

Route of the sources in Llívia

Cim de Estela, Roc de Auró and Turret of the Engineer

The Greenway of Guissona

Route to the old road of Balestui and the ascent to the rail…

Route of the hermitages in Solsonès

The Llobateres from the Batllòria

Route of the Pools of Salenys

The path of the Baleclers of Gallecs in Mollet del Vallés

Circular route in the Sanctuary of Bellmunt from Sant Pere de…

Snowshoeing route through the Lago de las Bulloses

Tourdera Route: From la Batllòria to Gualba

Route of the Toll of the Vidre in Arnes

Cormorant Route by Calella

Route of the sources of l'Estany

Tourdera route: from Sant Celoni to Vallgorguina

A walk through Sinera, Salvador Espriu itinerary

The Coasts of Batlles in Riells del Fai

Tour of Montcortes Lake

Route at the foot of the Gavarres in Madremanya

Route through the small villages of Alt Freser

Holidaymakers and Modernism in Hostalets de Pierola

Route through Vilanova, Miralpeix Castle and Sant Pere de Ribes

Road to the Roset Castle in Vilada

Route to the hermitage of Sant Cugat de Gavadons in Collsuspina

A walk through the plans of Montmajor in Baix Berguedà

La Muga Nature Trail, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pyrenees

Cabin and beech path in Setcases

The path of the Carlists in La Garrotxa

Route of the fountains in Sant Gregori

Route of the Esquirol by Calella

Semi-circular route in Tosa de Alp and Puigllançada

Circular route in the southern section of the road from the…

Route The emotional landscape of Joan Miró in Mont-roig del…

Circular route of the Water Museum of Lleida and the suburb…

Walking through the Romanesque of Argençola

Looking for mushrooms in Berguedà and Solsonès

The Roquer de Torredembarra

Congost de Montrebei and Montfalcó walkways

Winter road in Conesa

Puig Castellar Ancosa route in La Llacuna

Route Canals of San Miguel in Vilada

Circular route from Gessa to Arties bordering the Garonne

Hill of the Cross of Gurb from Sant Andreu de Gurb

A circular route through the old and beautiful paths of Batet

Tourdera route: from Sant Celoni to Santa Maria de Palautordera

Walk of the Doctor in Vilada

Circular route through the farmhouses of Roses

Lo Pallars Fer, a route through the Natural Park of the High…

Megalithic and dry stone itinerary I in Roses

From Sant Celoni to La Batllòria through Tordera

Roads of Monastery in Cervià de Ter Viladasens

Route through the natural area of Roques Blanques

Route through the republican airfield of Bordils

Circular route the Tossals de Vilella

Megalithic and landscape itinerary III in Roses

Route through the Bajo Ter

Arrelats: unique and monumental trees

From Navàs to La Font de Gusart

Montcau and La Mola from the neck of Estenalles

Roca del Corb and Sant Honorat in Peramola

Circular tour in Pedraforca

Route of the Battle of Prats de Rei

Berga during the Civil War

Circular route through Cala La Pola in Tossa de Mar

Camino de Santiago: Sarrià de Ter, Girona and Fornells de la…

Route Maçanet de Cabrenys - Las Salinas

Short circular route through the Malanyeu cliffs

Circular route in the Puig de l'Àliga and Hayedo de la…

Environmental route along the Cardener de Súria river

Circular route through the Peñas Altas del Moixeró through…

Penyes Altes del Moixeró from Gréixer

Way of the Hanged in Vallfogona de Riucorb

San Pedro and the Matamatxos Coast

Route to the hermitage of Sant Cristòfol del Bosc in Llambilles

Pompeu Fabra Literary Route through Badalona

A walk through the history of Sant Feliu Sasserra

The fountains of Santa Maria de Palautordera

The river road in the Alt Penedès

Route through the castle of Vilademager and the Fountain of…

Crossing through the mountains of the guerrilla Carrasclet

Route of the medieval bridges of the Vall de Cardós

Circular route through the wagon tracks in Ogassa

Pala Alta from the Virgin of Montalegre

A high altitude walk through Cap de Creus

The Congost and the mountain dels Sants Metges in Sant Julià…

Iron Route in Andorra

Pollegó Inferior del Pedraforca by the Great Diagonal

Itinerary through the Lari vineyard, in Súria

Viladomiu Vell river route

Route of the fox by Calella

Route through the neighborhoods of Pardines under the shadow…

Tour of the Carboner River in Setcases

At the foot of Cavall Bernat de Montserrat

Boca de la Mina Route in Reus

Old Road from Maçanet de Cabrenys to Tapis

A walk up the hill of Tagamanent

Route of the Cercavins

Route in the Sant Daniel Valley in Girona

The bay of Roses from an eagle's eye view

Route of the mills in Santa Coloma de Queralt

Road Ral de Vallfogona in Ripoll

San Sebastián cultural walk in Bigues i Riells

Summit of Sant Alís in the Sierra del Montsec

Milany Castle from Vallfogona de Ripollès

Paradise Forest in La Llacuna

Squirrel route in Premià de Dalt

Route through the Puigsacalm from the Bracons pass

Joan Miró, Mont-Roig Inspired

Route the domain of the land in L'Estany

A walk through the shady Clariana

Route of the Fountains and Verlets in Sant Joan les Fonts (accessible)

Route from Vilanova d'Escornalbou to the hermitages

Pau Casals route for El Vendrell

Route of the Plans

Snowshoe route through Tosa de Alp from Coll de Pal

The Olzinelles Valley in Sant Celoni

Path of the Segremorta in La Molina

Route of the hermitages of Ulldemolins

Land of Tramuntana

El Mujal via la cresta (circular)

From Castelladral to Balma de Comaposada (circular)

Route of the Sierra de Bellmunt Almenara

Route through Cap de la Boixassa through the Empedrats and return…

Beget and Rocabruna on the roads of smugglers

Route of Bellprat the Castle of Queralt

Guissona dry stone route

Route of the Trenches in Castellfollit de Riubregós

Sundials in Porrera

Penelles: a route through the Secans of Bellmunt-Almenara

Circular route through the icons of La Garrotxa

Itinerary the domain of water in L'Estany

Aiats and Cabrera cliffs from Cantonigròs

Route of the Tower of the Moors and walk of Sant Antoni

The Solà del Seniol and the Ballart fountain in Vallfogona…

Route of the fountains of Gironella

Tagamanent from the wells of Avencó de Aiguafreda

Route of the three churches in Avià

Route along the Camino de Ronda between Almadrava and Cala Montjoi

Route of the Cercavins River

From Planoles to Ribes along the mining route of the ferreres…


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