The Congost and the mountain dels Sants Metges in Sant Julià de Ramis

The Congost and the mountain dels Sants Metges in Sant Julià de Ramis

It is a circular route of little more than 9 km in the municipality of Sant Julià de Ramis. From this town we go towards the Ter gorge, we pass through the Cau de las Goges and go up to the Mount of the Holy Doctors for its northern slope.

The oak and chestnut forests, with areas of white pine, are noteworthy. It is also very remarkable the presence of animals, especially birds in the Ter river area, foxes and wild boar in the woods near the fields.

We start!


We leave the Plaza de la Fuente Picant, in front of the Sant Julià de Ramis Town Hall and we can gather strength by drinking water from the water fountain, framed by a vitrified ceramic mural.

We continue along the dirt road that the church leaves us on the right and we enter the first part of the walk, smooth and calm, with a completely flat path, with shady fields and spaces, thanks to the riparian vegetation.

r256_paisage We will continue straight until we leave a large farmhouse on the left and arrive at a crossroads. We turn left and we find ourselves in the middle of the Ter gorge, formed over the years by the passage of the river. We will pass by the side of the priory of Sant Vicenç and everything near the river will continue to pass under the bridge of the Girona variant. We will arrive at the hole of the Goges, caves where prehistoric remains of Paleolithic culture have been located .

We will continue straight on a large plain with a panoramic view of the neighboring municipality of Celrà and continue until we come to a crossroads on the left before a bridge over the river Terri. We will continue near the river until we enter the forest and now the road climbs up the mountain to take us to the neighborhood of the Sants Metges and the highest area of the mountain.

r256_cosme There the Iberian remains next to the church, Roman (Castellum Fractum, 350 AD) and Romanesque (church of San Cosme and Sant Damià-Sants Metges) show us the strategic importance of the place while, in front of us, we open the views of the Gironès region and the neighboring counties, highlighting the panoramic view of the Baix Empordà and the Pyrenees.

The situation of the place, with an abundance of water and forest, was excellent for hunting and optimal for the establishment of man's habitat, as evidenced by the discovered deposits and the findings of Iberian ceramics and other archaeological remains, which show the existence of diverse cultures of remote times.

Once down the paved road, we passed the great military fortification of the late s. XIX that crowns the northern part of the mountain. This, in addition to the archaeological legacy, is also the repository of a great natural wealth, flora and fauna.

Little by little the road will begin to descend until the initial square of the route.

Source: Regional Council of Gironès

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