Route of the fountains in Sant Gregori

Route of the fountains in Sant Gregori

We propose a refreshing route to know the natural heritage of Sant Gregori through its sources.

The total distance of the route is 11.3 Km and of moderate difficulty.

We start!

We start the route in the parking area of the football field, in La Pineda, next to the BTT Center. Leaving the town of Sant Gregori behind us, during the first meters to follow the paved road and just after passing the bridge over the Llémena, we turn left to take a path that will take us to the confluence of the Llémena with the Ter.

Here the road makes a 90 degree turn to the right and we follow it so that the Ter will always remain on our left. This road takes us to a wider track that we will follow, leaving on the right a path that goes through the crops of the Argelaguet plan and two deviations to the left, that of the island of Pilastra and later on that of the corridor that leads us would lead to cross the Ter towards Bescanó.

Next we find the paved road that we will have to follow to the left. At the fork where a dirt track that follows the Ter begins , we have to follow the asphalt turning to the right for a section of ascent. At the first junction on the right, we leave the asphalt to continue along the dirt track that will take us to the Picante or Can Corominas fountain where we can see the building that surrounds it and taste the ferruginous and carbonic water.

r249_font-ray We continue along the path that climbs past where we have reached the esplanade of the fountain, making some strong detours until we find the forest track that goes from the Argelaguet to Sant Grau. We only have to cross this track to start down a path that borders the can Clarà fence and that will take us to the Raig fountain.

The itinerary continues from the source along the road accessible by cars and will take us to a paved section that will follow it downhill and when we end at the asphalted road, we will follow it to the left passing in front of the Sant Gregori castle.

This castle, the house of the Margarit - now well restored - has a long history. For example, during the events remences, it was in this fortified house where Lluis de Margarit tried to mediate between King Ferdinand II El Católico and Francisco de Verntallat to try to resolve the conflict remensa 1485.

We continue to the neighborhood of the church through this group of luxury and, passing in front of the church, we will find the asphalt road that plans (leaving the rise of the cemetery on the left).. Very soon we found that the asphalt would take us to make a strong climb to the left (which we will not do) and continue along the dirt road that continues to plan.

r249_dins After about 200 meters, we find the access to the source of Can Verdaguer or yellow fountain, again of ferruginous water. We return to the dirt track that we were following and at the first curve on the left we take a path that goes off to the right to reach the lock of the Sant Gregori mill.

We continue through a grove of trees and just as we arrive in an area of orchards with barracks, we turn right to go back to the neighborhood of the Church. When we find the paved road, we follow it to the left until the first crossing on the right.

Before us we see the bridge of the Llémena, but without arriving, we will take the dirt track (to our right we leave the Mill) and continue along the path that continues straight ahead. We arrive at a crossroads of four roads and turning right we can cross the Llémena. Once past the river, to the right we will soon find Pinar where we have started the route of the fountains.

Source: Regional Council of Gironès

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