Itinerary through the Lari vineyard, in Súria

Itinerary through the Lari vineyard, in Súria

This route will take us through a landscape of ancient vineyards where we will find remains of dry stone wine constructions.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 7.7 kilometers
  • Time: 2 hours and a half
  • Elevation: 219 meters  

We will leave from the center of Plaza de la Serradora, in the urban center of Súria, and head towards the old mining district of Colonia de Santa Maria, built by the Solvay business group in 1918.

We will take the so-called track of the Quer until we reach the Cabanasses, from where we will obtain excellent views that will help us understand the past and the mining activity of the region.

Leaving the Cabañas behind, we will continue along the track until we reach the old Lari vineyard, where it is advisable to hang around for a while and observe the detail of the dry stone landscape that the set of preserved margins gives us. This architectural complex is integrated into the heritage itinerary of Samuntà.

We will then descend towards the Hortons stream and go up it a bit, passing through two pools: the Toll de los Encantats and the Toll de la Coll. We will leave behind the Sanera barracks, which will serve as a point of reference to identify that we are walking on the right path, until we reach the Can Sivila area where we will find the cable bollard that will guide us to follow the path of the cable, route which follows the trace of that old tension cable to Cardona, until reaching the Sivila station, the other point where the cable was tensioned.

From there we descend towards Cal Trist, following the old royal road from Manresa to Cardona. We will then pass through the Sant Jaume neighbourhood, which is reflected in the Cardener River, and arrive again at Plaza de la Serradora.

Text and images ceded by the City Council of Súria


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