Tomb through the Sierra de Ancosa in La Llacuna

Tomb through the Sierra de Ancosa in La Llacuna

The Sierra de Ancosa is a mountain range located between the regions of l'Anoia, Alt Camp and Alt Penedès. Through this route we will discover imposing places of this mountain range with a maximum elevation of 1002 meters on Mount Formigosa, and it reaches the Puigfred mountain range.

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When we arrive at the Pont d'Armentera we take the C-37. A few meters before km 44 we find, on the right, a track that we follow until we reach the "Clot de la Cueva" where we park. We approach the magnificent farmhouse of Can Valdecerves behind which are the remains of Sant Jaume. We undo to the car and go to the right taking a track.

We leave the farmhouses of Cal Para Gomà and Estanella on the right. We go up gently always following the widest track. When we reach the high voltage towers, we take a disused track to the right to find some goals. We line up following the power line. Some milestone helps to find the way. We leave a track that we follow until we reach a crossroads where a log shows us the way to approach the advance of the Ancosa plain. The place is marked but with few protections.

r279_roure We undo and continue along the track for about two hundred meters to the huge and photogenic Ancosa oak. We plan until we reach a crossroads where we find the first "Puig Castellar" sign. We continue straight and after passing an old well we reach the old Convent of Ancosa. After taking advantage of the tranquility of the place for breakfast, we go back to the next crossing.

Following the label of the "100 Summits" we take the track that is approaching us with a smooth but constant climb to the well visible antennas. Just before a strong curve to the left we find the Source of the Channels where we take the opportunity to drink some water. We continue climbing and enthrone with the GR 172 that we will immediately leave to follow the track that leads to the top and that we achieved walking.

r279_font We take a path that goes down until we find the GR. Next we find a trunk that shows us the way to go to the remains of the Iberian people. You have to go to the right at a small crossroads, which takes us to the "minirestes". We undo and follow a few meters along the GR.

When we reach a crossroads we go to the left. According to the map for this track passes GR 92.5, but we did not find any signage. The track descends gently through wooded terrain.

Little by little the environment changes. From the section of the section to the Puig Castellar we pass to the gloomy road so we reach the crossroads known as Coll del Coral. We continue along the same track. Shortly after a new crossing, we go to the right following the signage of a wooden log. The blurred track becomes a path and brings us closer to the cliff. We are called Salto del Perro from where we enjoy beautiful views. We undo and continue along the path until we reach a track that comes from the previous crossing. The road narrows down comfortably. The footprint is complicated with ditch type steps.

Just before reaching a cultivated field, and less than a hundred meters from where we left the car, we go to the left taking a half-hidden path. We go through sections with water until we reach a clearing where we find a fork. Continuing straight we would reach the Cave of Valldecerves. We go to the left following a slightly wooded path to approach the wall. Some milestones show us how to ascend. After a short but intense climb we arrive at the Red Rock or Viladecerves Shelters where cave paintings are difficult to distinguish. Of course, the place is full of small caves and holes in the wall.

We go down the same path carefully along the steep slope. Upon reaching the clearing, we decided not to approach the Cave of Valldecerves and take the path on the left to avoid passing the stretch of water again. The trail ends in a vineyard that we skirt to reach the car.

Source: La Laguna City Council

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