Environmental route along the Cardener de Súria river

Environmental route along the Cardener de Súria river

This circular route in Súria will take you to discover the historical, environmental and social importance of the Cardener River by going upstream and crossing through the town's orchards, giving us a beautiful perspective of the river in conjunction with the orchards.

  • Difficulty: easy, without technical difficulty although there is some stretch of ascent to the Pou 4 viewpoint area
  • Distance: 7 kilometers
  • Time: Between 1 hour and 45 minutes and 2 hours.
  • Slope: 400 meters

Variants: If the route seems too long, you can choose to only do the section of the northern circular route that will take you from the urban center to the Huertos de Salipota area, with an approximate duration of 30 minutes; or choose to do only the circular section of the southern area, to get to know the Ribera del Pla de Reguant Forest area; Or, choose to do the route skipping the uphill section of the Pou 4 viewpoint.

The starting point of this itinerary is the Súria bus station. From there, we will go up to cross the river through the Salipota bridge. We will continue for a walk in the shade of a leafy banana grove next to the river, where we will see that there are areas prepared for fishing. Finally, we will arrive at the area of the Salipota de Súria orchards, located in the Pla de Sant Sebastià, one of the most fertile areas of the river from which we highlight the production of the delicious Cardener pink tomato. There, we will find the first point of interest on the route: the Fàbrica Vella, which was established right next to the river's meander to be able to take advantage of the river's flow for the production of hydroelectric power to be able to supply itself with energy.

Bordering the left side of the factory, we will cross the barrier and go down to right next to the water of the river, which almost reaches the street. If you like bird watching, you will love this section of the route, as it is a space where numerous different species of calm water birds are concentrated.

Environmental route along the Cardener de Súria river

Foto: Margen del río Cardener

We continue downriver enjoying the riparian vegetation of the area until we reach the Molí de Reguant channel, where we will cross the river through a flood-prone pass. Next, we will leave the bed and see a chicken farm, which will serve as a reference to know that we are on the right path. We will continue straight on to the Reguant planes, which offer us a completely different landscape from the one we have been encountering along the first section of the itinerary.

We continue along the track closest to the river, and after crossing another channel, a path takes us into the Pla de Reguant, defined by the river's meander. In this space there is a very representative riparian forest, one of the best outings of the Cardener River. It is the Reguant forest, classified as EIN: Space of Natural Interest. Walking among its trees and interior and enjoying a walk at your own pace, you will come across the salt conveyor belt, which we will follow until we pass a cereal field, where we will turn right.

When you have left the alameda you will see that we will have reached the cereal fields again for what we have gone through before. From there, we will make a slight ascent to the Pou 4 viewpoint, from where we will enjoy a good panoramic view of the leafy forests and orchards thanks to the Cardener.

Now, we only have to go down and following the track on the side closest to the shady side of the mountain, retrace the path to the beginning.

Text and images provided by the Súria City Council

Adaptation: femturisme.cat

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