Camino de Santiago: Sarrià de Ter, Girona and Fornells de la Selva

Camino de Santiago: Sarrià de Ter, Girona and Fornells de la Selva

Route about 11 km away to travel a part of the Camino de Santiago, used during the Middle Ages by pilgrims who were going to Compostela.

It runs through the municipalities of Sarrià de Ter, Girona and Fornells de la Selva.

Let's go!

Coming from Sant Julià de Ramis and Sarrià de Ter and about four kilometers north of Girona, we crossed the River Ter through the Puente Mayor and entered the city through the Pedret neighborhood.

Formerly the river was crossed by the bridge called "Sant Jaume", disappeared by the floods suffered by the city, to reach the hospital of San Lazaro that served their needs, popularly known by the Hospital de Sant Jaume, to be the attached chapel dedicated to Santiago the image presided over the presbytery. At present it is a Civic Center.

Following our path we arrive at the Plaza de Sant Pere. On the bed of the Galligans river, today buried, we can see on the facade of a building, two scallops or shells of Santiago, one on each side of the lintel of a balcony.

r257_felix Making a left turn we enter the street Subida del Rey Martín el Humano and continue to the Church Basilica of Sant Felix, where we enter through a side door, after saving a long staircase. The pilgrims visited the body of the martyr Sant Narcís, patron saint of the city.

In the presbytery of the high altar are the twelve apostles and among them we can see the Apostle James.

Exiting through the other side door, we approach the Cathedral of Santa Maria. On the facade we can see the same arrangement of the images that were in the chapel of Sant Jaume in Pedret. In the center the Virgin Mary and on your left Santiago peregrino, and on your right San José.

Entering through the main door of the Cathedral, on our right there is a chapel where we can see Santiago on a white horse. Near the presbytery in one of the side windows is the image of Santiago Pilgrim. Behind the presbytery above, the throne of Charlemagne is considered the first pilgrim who went to Santiago but could not reach it.

We continue along the Via Augusta along Calle de la Força until we reach the "Plaza del Aceite". From there, on our left we can see the church of Sant Martí at the top of a beautiful staircase, next to the Seminary of the city. We continue down the street of the Citizens. In the building that was the former Hotel de Italians, there are two balconies where the slabs are sculpted the shields of Cartellá and Des Bac the heraldic motives appear in the scallops of Santiago.

Arriving at the Plaza del Vi, we contemplate the magnificent façade of the Girona City Hall. The scallops appear on all the balconies on the first floor. It is an acknowledgment that the city is pilgrims. It is a Jacobean city.

r257_fornells The Camino continues towards the Pont de Pedra, Sant Francesc and the Plaça del Mercat. Leaving the Plaça del Mercat, we enter the street of La Rutlla towards Palau Sacosta.

The Jacobean route continues through Fornells de la Selva, crossing the Palau neighborhood, following the road, passing the Montessori school. At the end of the street, we turn left into the cemetery that already belongs to Fornells de la Selva.

The unmistakable signs of the Camino take us to the Town Hall and the Social Room where we can certify the Pilgrim's Credential. Soon we arrived at a spacious square where the parish church of Sant Cugat is located. In the transept of the portico of the church we can see a medallion with the image of "Santiago Peregrino", which has served as model for the stamp-tampon that made the town hall for pilgrims.

Source: Regional Council of Gironès

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