A walk through the shady Clariana

A walk through the shady Clariana

The beautiful corners of the stream of Clariana, we will enter umbría up in the ditch Socarrada with pretty narrow, reaching the crest of Cantagallo and the Sierra de la Nou, where we enjoy the view of the Òdena basin. Agricultural landscapes with footprints, forest today.

When we came down we pass the ruins of the castle and after the neck of the Cross, in the shade of Fitoral views over the core and the valley of Clariana where we see the diverse landscape of the sunny slopes open.


A walk through the shady Clariana (Zanja De La Socarrada) Clariana left the core and make a small stretch along the stream valley of the same name. Guess remains when the flow to water or flour mills took advantage. We find beautiful pools.

We enter the stream or ditch Socarrada, umbría of Socarrada and shady Fosca up, until you reach the crest Cantagalls, direction Ferran cultivated plateaus. In the ditch, pretty narrow rocky passage, it brings us closer to the forms of dissolution of the chalky rock. while walking   the bottom of the trench gives us the feeling of being immersed in the forest. Pines, some oaks and poplars few will seem to fall on us.

A little further on is a small track, follow up among pines shade fosca full of ivy and oak. The vegetation is changing depending on the soil type and moisture. There are plenty of terraces of ancient cereal crops and grapes.

A walk through the shady Clariana (Gorgs De Clariana) Top Cantagalls crest, we turn northeast towards the hill of Clariana (674 m). First by a very nice trail between rowan, hawthorn and holly. On the trail of the Sierra de la Nou where the terrain is more sunny and chalky, and the sparse vegetation. Punctually windows between the forest that allow us to see open Argencola aside and Òdena basin and Tous other. Up the hill we can enjoy a view over plans Flix and the village of Sant Martí de Tous.

A walk through the shady Clariana (Clariana Castle) Now, we went straight to the castle ruins and the neck of the Creu, leaving some gypsum quarries. Here, we can get down to the village following the GR-7 or finish the walk along the shady side of Fitoral, views the core of Clariana, and in the valley of the same name and the sunny slopes of the Teula and more Jorda (categorized with Natura 2000) network. We went down to the stream of Clariana, by a beautiful ridge road with a dense understory of durillo, up next to Cal Manel where there are magnificent natural pools.

Cross the stream, we went to a track that can be busy and we return to the core of Clariana through the side of the scattered hamlets of lime Soler and there Mágina. We realize that growing grain survives the flat parts of the valley; almond trees dotting the little nooks and pomegranates even regrow the roadsides.

Collaboration: Joan Solà. City Council Argencola

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