A circular route through the old and beautiful paths of Batet

A circular route through the old and beautiful paths of Batet

For those of you who do not know the area of La Garrotxa, you should know that Batet is one of the places with exceptional natural beauty. Believe us when we tell you that the views from this plateau crowned by the Volcà Pujalós will remain forever etched in your retinas.

  • Difficulty: Medium. Without technical difficulty but with some section of pronounced ascent
  • Distance: 8.7 kilometers  
  • Time: approximately 3 hours
  • Elevation: 364 meters

Our starting point for this route is the Olot bus station. Going out the back we will find the post G161 Olot bus station to go look for the G162 intersection, which is at the end of Sant Cristòfol street, after having crossed the Santa Magdalena bridge.

We continue in the direction of Begudà along Volcán de Santa Margarida street, we turn left, where we will take Volcán del Croscat street, and we find Nolasc del Molar street on the right. Following the yellow markings we take a path, at the end of which we will collide with another G183 junction. We will go towards the Salut fountain and, when we reach the stream, we will turn right. There the path turns into some steps that in a few meters take us to the Salut fountain.

We climb to the right of the fountain, zigzagging until we reach the paved road. We turn left and follow a short stretch until we reach Cal Patient; Now we go along the track that is unpaved. The path slowly ascends until it reaches a fork: we continue to the left, and at the end of the ascent we will take the path to the left again until we reach an esplanade with beautiful views of the Pyrenees and Olot.

On the other side of the meadow we will see a cattle track that we will cross. Next, we will take the path that goes around the entire mountain until we reach the ruins of Cal Vicari, after a long time going up and down.

With Cal Vicari on our back, we will continue through an oak grove until we reach the Font Faja clearing, from where we will continue zigzagging to enter the forest until we come across an electric fence. There we will turn to the right and we will go up until we reach the front of the Masó, which we will skirt in such a way that it is on our right. We will continue along a path between stone walls until, once again on the road, we find the intersection G184 Can Silla. We turn right to go towards Olot while enjoying the views of the Pyrenees.

As soon as the road turns to the left, we leave it turning to the right, ignore the entrance to the house and continue straight on, along the so-called old Batet road. The path, which is cobbled in this section, follows the descent between dry stone walls until it ends at a track, where we find the G23 sign and we can see the directions to Olot with an estimated time of 1h and 15'. Immediately we will join a paved road that we will follow to the left. At the height of the house, we leave it to continue straight. We will cross a small paved road and continue going down, to immediately cross another paved road again. With some houses on the left as a reference, we continue walking straight until the road turns into a path.

We will arrive next to the electrical transformer tower, where we turn left and where the last section of descent begins towards Olot.

We access a concrete track and, at the end of the descent, we enter Olot via Sant Cristòfol street. We find the G162 intersection and follow the road to the end, where after crossing the Santa Magdalena bridge we complete the circuit.

Text and images: Olot City Council

Adaptation: femturisme.cat


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