Tour of the Carboner River in Setcases

Tour of the Carboner River in Setcases

Itinerary that runs through high mountain forests where abundant fauna lives, from which we can detect traces. We will have fantastic views over the Ter and Carboner valleys.

Route with a lot of contrast: first we follow the Carboner river; then a path inside the forest, where we can find mushrooms; a wide and downhill track, and later, a path that leads us through the forest and meadows.

The starting point is on the Setcases road in Vallter 2000. About a kilometer from the nucleus, to the right of the road we find a signpost next to the fence of a house . There is space for a couple of vehicles, although if we continue along the road we will find places to park further ahead, on our left.

We went out on the path on the side of the house, uphill, until we left it behind; we see marks of PRC and orange. The path becomes gloomy and narrow, and continues along the banks of the Carbonero River. When we have 10 minutes we pass a stone bridge, and we are on the other side of the river, with a path that begins to rise.

Viewpoint and jump of the How to in Batlló

We arrive at this place, where we can contemplate this waterfall. There is a stone bench, where we can sit and rest if we want. The jump, with a drop of 4 meters, is a bit far. A path leaves a few meters there on the right, and brings us closer to the jump.

We follow the path, which we took uphill, which will soon become flat and a gloomy month.

metal bridge

r309_pont We reach this bridge, which crosses the river at a certain height. The floor crossings of the bridge are made of wood, but the railings are part of the iron structure, which gives a certain security.

Once on the other side, we have to continue uphill on the left. Later we will see at a certain distance another waterfall, and the path becomes humid, due to the proximity of a small stream, and we arrive at this waterfall, which we can access at the foot of the path, and we can refresh if we want.

jump water

The path makes a right turn, and goes into the forest, until we come to a crossroads, in a forest clearing. On the left we can go to see a fountain, but our path continues to the right, between the trees, and separates from the river, until we enter a black pine forest, making a long climb, meandering, very well signposted, with PRC marks, until we reach a very wide dirt track. It is a forest where we can find mushrooms - if we know how to find them.

Setcases-Espinavell Track

We found a signpost. Our path continues down, enjoying some view of the tops of Vallter. It is a very wide track, and it is common to see an ATV. We discard a whole series of trails that go right up into the forest.

The track makes a curve, crossing the Carboner river, and we continue making our way down. A few meters further on, there is a path on our right, which leads to a nearby ruined cabin, but we follow the track downhill.

Cabana del Flare

To the left of the track, we have the cabin. We continue along the track.

Thief's Cabin

r309_lladre After passing a Canadian pass we found this cabin; from this place a path leaves that would take us again, in the surroundings of the jump of in Cossi of in Batlló. We continue along the track.

Path to the right

To the right of the track there is an enclosure, from which a path emerges, which rises a few meters above the track. We turn left -there is another corriol on the right-, and we pass over a metal cabin. A few later we will pass by the side of a trough, and we will have to follow the trail of the path, which goes inside a wooded area. At some point, we may find that the trail forks momentarily.

Note: Here the path is no longer signposted. If we want to cut the exit a little, we can follow the track below, and we come to the Vallter road.


It is in ruins. In summer it is an area with a lot of vegetation, which covers the ground, and you have to be careful with a pothole or stone. We have to continue a little down, where we will see traces of the stone wall, and in the S-SO direction, and a few meters later, to our right we can see a track, which we take in the O-NO direction, which faces the peaks of the Grans de Fajol, that we see before us.

We come to a cattle fence, which we pass, and we cross a meadow, and we can already see another one.

La Plana Cabin

We passed right by the fenced-in side of the cabin, and took a downhill path just ahead. The Vallter road is already very close.

Highway in Vallter

We follow the road downhill to our left and we have reached the starting point.

Source: Setcases City Council

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