Roca del Corb and Sant Honorat in Peramola

Roca del Corb and Sant Honorat in Peramola

Around the Roca del Corb and Sant Honorat. This route will take us to know some curious rock formations, a whim of erosion.

We will visit buildings under the caves, a memory of a not too distant agricultural past, and we will be able to enjoy the views of one of the most attractive landscapes of the Catalan pre-Pyrenees.

We started!

We will begin this impressive itinerary bordering the Hostal de Can Boix, until we find a path that will take us up the mountain through a pine forest (Bosque del Hostal), to the Coll de Cuatro Caminos. From here, with just a little poorer, the pine forest gives way to kermes oak and holm oak, with romeral and aromatic trees in the undergrowth.

We will pass by the side of the Raven's Hole, be careful if you want to stick your head out, before starting to skirt the Corb rock. We will visit the old buildings, testimony of the use of the peculiarities of the land as a refuge in the not too distant past, of the Corb house and the Corral del Cuervo.

We will go around the Corb rock, and begin to have views over the Aubenç mountain range and the Larga rock before reaching Coll de Mu. From now on we will have to flank the San Honorato rocks with the Rombau b arrranc a the right. During the flanking we will be able to observe capricious rock formations, which will make the journey entertaining.

At the San Honorato pass, we will turn left to take, now steeply up, a stony path until we reach San Honorato first and the viewpoint later. In this viewpoint we will have privileged views of the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees over the Segre Valley. We will have to retrace our steps until we reach the Collada again.

Now downhill along a forest track, with quite a slope in some sections, we go first to the Cal Tarragona hill , and then to Castell Hare. We will take the opportunity to visit the well-preserved place of Castillo-Hare and its church.

Now we can only return comfortably to the beginning of the route, along a forest track with the Roc de Rombau on the right.

Source: Permola City Council

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