Route of the Fountains and Verlets by the volcano of the Caña

Route of the Fountains and Verlets by the volcano of the Caña

Sant Joan les Fonts is a municipality in the region of La Garrotxa formed by three population centers: La Canya, Begudà and Sant Joan les Fonts, which gives its name to the municipality.

In the municipality you can make several routes to discover the environment, among others, the Route of the Fountains and Verlets, recovered pathways that pass through a wetlands and fountains area.

Then we suggest the route of this route that passes through the Canya volcano. You can also find information about another route of the Route of the Fountains and Verlets accessible with help.

This route is included in the network of Itinerànnia trails and marked with vertical and horizontal signals that inform about the distance and approximate duration of the sections.

The route is circular and you can start next to the Fuente de Rompuda, where you can find a parking area and a sign where all the information of the route is detailed.

The route is marked with yellow markings . The marks are placed, approximately every 300 meters and are painted with paint on bark, stones or taking advantage of other support that is already implemented in the area. In addition we will find vertical signaling at the crossroads.

At the junction between La Rompuda street and San Pedro street we find the first indicator, which we continue towards the Bona Fountain until we reach the next indicator, where we take the direction of the Fuente Fría (via Verlets), and we come to a crossroads, where the road follows recovered channels and irrigation; We also found numerous cattle passes.

We continue towards the Fuente de Fontfreda and we always continue until we find this fountain, which we can approach passing over the stones that allow us to cross the wetlands. Then, we follow the path that will take us to the asphalted road, in the direction of the Fuente de las Mulleres, which we find very close, and, after a few more meters, a sign indicates the route of Fuentes y Verlet, make leave the paved road to take a wide road.

We continue in the direction of Fuente Bona, where we arrived at 5 minutes; we go back until we reach a new vertical indicator, we pass over the Canya Volcano, we take the direction towards Fuente Freda and the Can Xervanda Fountain: this elevated section allows us to see good views of the town.

We will continue again towards the Can Xervanda Fountain until we reach the next indicator where we will turn right towards the Fuente de Can Xervanda following the paved road.

We continue straight on Marc Marunys street until we find the signposts that will guide us to the Can Xervanda fountain and after a few meters to the left we will see a basaltic wash and on the right an itinerary sign of the Natural Park that indicates the path that goes down towards the Can Xervanda Fountain. At this point we leave the path marked in yellow and go down towards the source. We retrace our steps until we reach the Fuente de la Rompuda by the Rue de la Rompuda and we will arrive at the beginning of the route.

Source: Garrotxa Tourism

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