Penelles: a route through the Secans of Bellmunt-Almenara

Penelles: a route through the Secans of Bellmunt-Almenara

The unique municipality of Penelles, in the region of La Noguera, is widely recognized for being the ' the town of Graffitis ' in Catalonia, but beyond this curiosity that colors this town with color and life, Penelles has a unique landscape of first order on a European scale, the Secans (drylands) of Bellmunt-Almenara . Do you want to discover more details? We propose a route through the Serra de Bellmunt-Almenara Natural Area so that you can enjoy these landscapes with family or friends, or why not, even alone!

The route, which does not present any technical difficulty, is suitable for all levels, since with only 79 meters of unevenness even the smallest of the house will be able to do it.

It is a circular itinerary that can be done both on foot and by bicycle, where over two pleasant hours approximately in contact with nature, you will travel almost 7 kilometers which will lead you to discover and enjoy the natural and architectural heritage of the area, as well as some beautiful views of the surroundings of Penelles.

The starting point of this route is the church of San Juan Bautista , in the heart of the urban area. From there, you will go north, entering the path of the Deposit. Continuing along this path, you will reach the Boldú Forest, not before having crossed the first Sequia of the Urgell Canal . This section of the route runs in the center of a jewel of great value thanks to being the best preserved portion of the primeval forest in the area. It is a holm oak forest where the predominant vegetation is the chains. These types of places are the home and refuge of several species of birds, so go with your eyes and ears wide open because you may have the opportunity to see or hear how the black kite, the owl, the green woodpecker or the cuckoo sing. real.

Once you have left the Forest, you will reach Camí Ral , which you will continue to the right until you reach the fita dels tres Termes, which divides Montgai, Penelles and Castellserà. You will recognize it immediately because it is a small landmark where you will find the initials of each of the neighboring municipalities engraved.

Then, you will continue a few meters along the Camí de Castellserà to Butsènit d'Urgell to get closer to the Cabaña del Parranda, a typical construction of the s. XIX in which the most characteristic feature is the dry stone technique, where the stones that raise the small hut are embedded one with the other without the use of any material or cement to join them. Curious, right?

Penelles: a route through the Secans of Bellmunt-Almenara

Cabana del Parranda. Ajuntament de Penelles

Next, you will continue towards the Tossal de Rocafinestres. During this part of the route, we assure you that the infinite views that you will have over the Sierra de Mont-Roig will leave you speechless. The combination of colors, the light and the beauty of the landscape will leave you precious images recorded and indelible on your retinas and surely also on your cameras. Once you get to the Tossal, take a look at the curious cubs formed on the rocks. Do you know what they were used for? Well, easy, to water cattle in ancient times.

Penelles: a route through the Secans of Bellmunt-Almenara

Vistes de la serra del Mont-Roig des de la ruta de Penelles. Ajuntament de Penelles

Finally, walking between fields of dry land and irrigated land, you will reach the town center again.

Fuente: Ajuntament de Penelles

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