The fountains of Santa Maria de Palautordera

The fountains of Santa Maria de Palautordera
Santa Maria de Palautordera is a town in Montseny on the sunny side, within the La Tordera valley, rich in water, although older people tell us that before there were still many more sources.
It is true that, over the years, some sources have been lost or have ceased to flow. Therefore, what this route intends is to make known, to estimate the sources, both to the locals and to the people who come from abroad to preserve them.
You can get to know them well with this route and visit five or six in a single day or go discovering them, one by one, taking a walk and why not a snack with family, friends... Many of them are in parks or in areas where we can find tables and benches.
Of course, let's take care of the environment, let's take the waste to the nearest container and preserve the plants and trees. In such a way that the next visitors who go to the fountain, find a clean place and a pleasant environment, that they do not notice our passage.
Not all the sources of Palau appear on the route, many of them are on private land and their owners have declined to appear on this itinerary. Of those that come out, there are also those that are in private properties, so the maximum respect is requested for the farmhouses and their residents, for the cultivated fields and the livestock that we can find.
We wish you a happy discovery of the sources of Santa Maria de Palautordera!

source Martina

r342_martina Fountain located near the bed of La Tordera, dedicated to Santa Martina. Fountain with a long tradition in the municipality to the point that until a few years ago the only school in the town bore that name.

How to get there: On foot, going down to the end of the street of the schools, leaving the municipal swimming pools on the left and the tennis club on the right, we arrive at the Parque de la Fuente Martina. By car we will have to go along the Paseo de los Deportes and park it there. Once in the Park we will see some Arab brick stairs and stone floors that lead us down to the fountain. The fountain has three mouths, from two of them came water from a mine, they are currently dry, from the third there is drinking water from the town's supply network.

Escaleta Fountain

Near the fountain, a meeting place for the townspeople when there was no running water, is Can Balada, the mill that first generated electricity to light and operate the machinery (sawmills) of Santa María de Palautordera. If we follow the path to the right a few meters, we will come to a ford, now cemented, to cross La Tordera.

How to get there: Located near the Can Balada car park where we left the car. Direction in Can Balada, the fountain is on the right on the Tordera slope. It is a fountain that is on private land, between fenced fields that we must respect. We can observe it from above.

Arborètum Fountain   of the grove

The Arborètum brings together approximately eighty species of trees, which can be found in the Montseny massif and at the same time constitute the map of the trees of our country.

How to get there: From the Can Sala Plan, at the end of Vic or Ángel Guimerà street, the entrance is located on Martí Boada street, an eminent geographer, naturalist and doctor in environmental sciences from Sant Celoni, who was director of the Escuela Taller that made the Arborètum. At the entrance we will find the Fuente del Arborètum and on the right the Fuente de la Arboleda.


r342_safareig The municipal laundry was built in 1936. The construction was in charge of the workers of the Masons union.

This simple construction with a rectangular floor plan with a two-sided roof, and the laundry room in the center formed by two rectangular bodies joined together. The construction had an objective that went beyond a space for cleaning clothes, since it had a socializing function, people, and especially women, came to netejar.hi the clothes and to relate to each other. In the same park there is an area of tables and benches that invite you to spend some time.

How to get there: It is inside the Reguissol Park. From the Plaza Mayor you have to cross the Paseo Vitamènia, the Montseny road as it passes through Palautordera. Following a few meters to the south we find one of the entrances to the park.

It is a source close to the Arborètum and the Arboleda. In fact,   the two parks communicate internally, therefore, from a source we can go with little time to see the others.

Can Ramicando Fountain

Fountain located on a private property, in the middle of a forest, where caution must be exercised since it is a place with risk of fire. You have to leave the place clean and respect the inhabitants and the environment.

How to get there: Taking the track that leads the Bruguers in Can Pou Alto past Ca Humet, we will find, on the left, the Can Lari del Sot turnoff , but we do not take it. Shortly after, there is the detour (with chain) that will take us to the Can Ramicando fountain.

La Sierra Fountain

r342_serra Source of drinking water in the social and sports area, located in the children's playground in the La Sierra neighborhood. The neighborhood has this name because it was one of the first barbecue places in the municipality.

How to get there: Going from the center of the town towards the neighborhood along Avenida de La Sierra. Towards the end of the street on the left we find the fountain, the neighborhood social center, the sports area and the children's playground.

If we continue a little further along Avenida de La Sierra, it ends abruptly and we can take a path that goes down to the bed of the Tordera River, there we can cross it by one of the many walkways that were built in the past to be able to go from one side to the other and on the right we will have a ford and a beautiful landscape.

Fountain of in Xà

This fountain was formerly widely used to catch water, both for drinking and washing at home. Currently it always flows, although sometimes very little, depending on the rainfall. It is basically used to store it in the raft that is used to irrigate the fields.

How to get there: Following Calle Nueva, past Ronda Sur, until the end where the asphalt ends, a path begins that goes down to the riverbed of the Reguissol stream. At the first left-hand bend we have the Fuente de Xà.

If we continue a little further along the road we come to a ford where the stream and a footbridge cross, the kind that were used in the past to cross the rivers and streams of Palautordera.

Fountain of the Park of the Four Heirs

How to get there: The fountain is inside the Parque de los Cuatro Herederos, at the entrance to Palautordera on the BV 5301 road, after the first roundabout, in the Pla de Can Sala neighborhood.

Can Vernedes Fountain

Fountain near the Masía de Can Vernedes, currently converted into a restaurant. It is located within the Can Balmes - Can Vernedes industrial estate .

How to get there: The fountain is within the Can Balmes - Can Vernedes industrial park, leaving Palautordera, heading towards Sant Celoni, at the first roundabout after crossing La Tordera. We enter the industrial estate to the right and get as close to the river as possible through the streets, through the street of the Can Guarro Factory (old paper factory of which the remains can still be seen) and we go down a path loser towards the riverbed where we will find the source.

fresh font

r342_fresca La Fuente Fresca is within the agricultural and forest lands of Can Turró, the maximum respect for the environment is requested. It is a wooded area, where there is a high risk of fire and extreme precautions must be taken. You also have to be careful to leave the fountain and its surroundings clean, collect all the waste and take it to the Can Pagà containers.

Next to the Fountain, there is a raft without protection, it is necessary that we be careful, especially if we go with children. If we follow the path we arrive at La Tordera, in a quiet place that must be preserved.

How to get there: From the Can Pagà urbanization , at the end of Montsià street, we will have to leave the vehicle. We find a track that goes down to the right towards La Tordera, it is a pleasant walk. At the end of the track, on the left hand side we have Can Turró, we continue straight, along a path that goes into the forest and in about five minutes we find the fountain on the left. There are tables and benches that invite us to have a meal.

Can Pagà Fountain

Water does not always come from the Can Pagà Fountain, it depends on the rainfall of the season of the year. The fountain is very close to the road and it is dangerous because of the traffic on the road itself, we must be very careful if we go with children.

How to get there: The Fuente de Can Pagà is located on the BV-5301 road that leads to Palautordera. A few meters from the entrance of the Can Pagà urbanization we will have to leave the vehicle, we will find the fountain on the right.

Can Xambau Fountain

You have to have the utmost respect for the fields and the forest. The risk of fire is high, so extreme precautions must be taken. We will have to return the waste we generate to the town to deposit it in a container. Biology studies have been carried out at the Can Xambau Fountain by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

How to get there: The Can Xambau Fountain is within the Can Xambau farmhouse farmland. To access you must have permission.

Fountain of the Ice Well

It is a beautiful source, which flows all year round, very close to La Tordera, where we can also enjoy the river. It is a place that invites, with the murmur of the water, to have a very good time.

How to get there: It is located in the Moixerigues - Puente Roto neighborhood. If we take the main street, Via Augusta uphill and turn right, we will stop at Camino de la Fuente street. In the middle we find a detour to the left that goes down directly under the train bridge, which is monumental, and a few meters away we find the fountain.

Fountain of San Francisco de Padua

r342_padua The Fuente de San Francisco is located on private property, the owners have given the use of the path that leads. It can be accessed from Can Carreras or from the ford in La Tordera. Being in agricultural and forest lands, extreme caution must be exercised towards fields, forests and livestock. After visiting it, you must leave the source clean and take the waste in the closest container.

How to get there: From the Puente Roto neighborhood, you have to leave the vehicle before the footbridge, where we have to cross La Tordera, just afterwards we will find a house on the left hand side and from this there is a path to the right of the house. will lead to the source.

Can Sayolet Fountain

The Fuente de Can Sayolet is within the farmland's farmland, so you must have permission to arrive and take extreme precautions with the fields and leave the area clean of waste.

How to get there: We take the track that leads from the neighborhood of El Virgili - El Templo to the neighborhood of La Sierra. At the beginning towards Palautordera, on the left we find Can Sayolet.

Fountain of Lovers or San José

How to get there: Located in the neighborhood of El Virgili - El Temple, in the park that bears the same name. Formerly also called Fuente de San José.

In the Park we find tables and benches, it is a shady area next to the Río Seco, which invites us to a quiet time. In the neighborhood we will find containers to deposit waste.

Source: Santa Maria de Palautordera Town Hall

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