Route of the hermitages in Solsonès

Route of the hermitages in Solsonès

We propose a circular route in the Solsonès region through which you will discover an extensive cultural heritage of interesting Romanesque hermitages.

La Vall de Lord is an area rich in cultural heritage, where its hermitages stand out, which are isolated in the middle of the forests of the municipality of La Coma and La Pedra. A good example are the parish church of La Coma, Sant Sadurní de la Pedra and Santa Creu del Roser.

The forests of diverse vegetation through which the route travels fill with different shades of green in spring and with red, orange and yellow tones during autumn.

We propose a circular route to discover these Romanesque hermitages.

  • Distance: 10.80 Km
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Cumulative elevation gain: 460 m
  • Difficulty: Moderate with steep slopes

Very close to the route are the picnic areas of Fuente Puda, a source of sulphurous waters, and Fuentes del Cardener, point where the river of the same name is born.

From Sant Llorenç de Morunys we take the C-426 road towards La Coma and la Pedra; We continue along this road until we reach the town of La Coma. Once we have left the City Hall turnoff on the left, we will find a car park on the right. Here we leave the car and start the route.

Km 0. We go down the street that goes down to the right of the Cal Nin restaurant, towards the church of Sant Quirze and Santa Julita de la Coma. We continue down the street until we reach Calle Mayor, behind the town hall. Signpost. We go down the stairs that turn into a path that takes us to the river. We cross the bridge and take the track that coincides with the Vall de Lord green path. We follow the GR-7 markings in the direction of Sant Llorenç de Morunys.

Km 1,7. Sant Llorenç road to Coma. We go up to the left until we find the detour towards La Piedra and the Puda fountain. We go up the asphalt track towards the hermitage of San Saturní de la Pedra.

Km 2,8. Hermitage of San Saturní de la Pedra. We climbed the stairs to the cemetery and followed the path up. We cross the track and continue climbing some stairs passing in front of a house, following the direction sign. We find yellow markings that will help us to follow the well-traced path that passes along the left side of a line of cattle.

Km 3,4. We leave the yarn and take a path to the left that takes us up.

Km 4.4. We cross the track and follow the path with the markings.

Km 4.9. Crossroad. A signpost shows us the different routes to follow. We take the path to the left towards the hermitage of Roser. We find the track again and follow it to the left.

Coll de la Cruz and hermitage of Roser. The hermitage is a few meters to the left. Signpost. Returning from the hermitage, we take the track to the left that glides towards the Sierra del Verde (2,282m).

Ermita de Santa Creu del Roser

Km 6.1. Before the house in ruins of Cal Dam, we find a signpost that marks the route to Santa Julita de la Coma. We must jump the protective fence and go down a path that is not very marked but clear to recognize. We will find yellow marks that show us the way. The path goes down the ravine, to the left of the river that we feel below.

Ermita de Santa Julita

Km 7.1. We reach the Mosoll River, which we cross the ford, and we follow the path to the left, passing under the rocks of the Minguell.

Km 8. Casa del Minguell and Minguell fountain. We pass by the right of the Minguell house and we follow the marks that indicate the path without losing altitude. We continue straight on the path to the left until we reach the Colina del Rincón.

Km 8.9. House of the Hill of the Corner. Crossing of tracks. We follow the track on the left that leads us to La Coma. Further on we take a path to the right. This trail runs flat through the forest and then down hard along the side of a stone wall and the rubble of a house. We are on the nucleus of the Coma.

Km 10.3. We take a track next to a deposit that will take us to the starting point of the route.

Km 10.81. We arrived at the nucleus of the Coma; We follow the road a few meters until we find the car park where we have started the route. End of the route.

Places of interest

Sant Quirze and Santa Julita

Parish Church of La Coma located in the Plaza Mayor. Sant Quirze y Santa Julita is the parish church of La Coma and is located in the same main square of the town. The first document that makes reference is the act of consecration of the church of San Saturnino de Tavèrnoles, of 1040, year in which the bishop of Urgell confirmed all the possessions that the monastery had.
Witnesses of the old church are the forged iron of the door, which is currently observed at the entrance of the monument. The whole is conserved very entire, which leads to think that it was replaced in later times. Probably its author was a humble craftsman who made an element that reinforced the wooden structure while giving the door an ornamental motif that made it more attractive.

Sant Sadurní de la Pedra

This church is known, when Count Wifredo el Velloso and Bishop Galderic repopulated the Valley between the years 872 and 878. It is a Romanesque church from the 9th century with three square apses with a barrel vault, hidden between the later incorporations 18th century. The door has large voussoirs that form a middle arch and followed by a bevelled flange on the front. It has an airy bell tower and preserves a Baroque altar.

Santa Creu del Roser

It is named after a church that was previously dedicated to the Holy Cross, a very popular devotion between the 11th and 12th centuries. Later, in the 18th century, it took the name of the Roser. Its structure, small in size, has a square plan and has been recently renovated.

Source: Vall de Lord Tourist Office / Solsonès Tourist Office

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