Route Canals of San Miguel in Vilada

Route Canals of San Miguel in Vilada

We propose a route through the town of Vilada, which will allow you to know and pass from abrupt shadows to the calm of the plans of this village of Berguedà.

It is a beautiful but demanding route that can be started both from the village of Vilada and from the Plan de la Madera. With this second option you will be able to save approximately an hour's journey.

It is important to note that this route has been created through a mobile application! So take the device that we started!


Leaving Vilada, we will cross the lever of the stream of Vilada el Molino and Cal Boixader to climb the hill of the Sierra through the first forest of tiles. From the bridge of the Climent, on the bank of the Mergançol we go up, now yes, without rest by the shade of the mountain range of Picancel towards the crag of the Fear. We climbed up to cross a rocky pass by beautiful potholes covered with leafy and primroses between the leaves of the ground.

After the source of the Casa del Bosque (only on the road), we will have the first real contact with the conglomerate. We will tread and we will get in front of the Sierra del Mediodía and Cordillera del Águila (1081m) to reach a landing known as the Age of Castellona.

At this moment we will enter between boxes in the pit of torrente Fred, also known as La Selva. An area that was especially damaged by the winds of 2014 that caused many trees to fall; the most significant, the beautiful beech that had at the foot of the cliff of fear. Blades, holly, some yew and small spots of beech confirm the toponymy of the torrent.

Once up the Collet dels Pins, we go to the highest point of Serrat del Mediodía. Balcony where the magnitude of the landscape makes us lose the words.

We return to the collar to progressively go turning along the sunny side of the mountain by the pass of the Cortes, what the new vegetation that accompanies us lets us know: the mountain holm oak.

low Of plane, between holm oaks and a land more and more afeixat we go to the beautiful plan of Sant Miquel, where the church and the more we approach again the footprint of man. We took the opportunity to rest and make food, now overlooking the monastery of La Portella below, and Serrat Pla and Sierra de Montsent in front, the last spurs before descending to the plain of the lower Berguedà.

The Serradell los Agullons descends from behind , we will continue to irrigate the Colletons. It is a nice but strong descent, a little broken by the passage of trial bikes, which we will do on the side of the hole, crossing it repeatedly, others going through the same channel. Surrounded by albar and deciduous trees, we will be surprised by the stretch of the beech forest up to the fountain dels Colletons covered with large mosses and bear's ear.

In a moment we are on the bridge of the Doro, where we can cross (if the water of the swamp allows us) and return to the village by the track on the side of the factory, but continue on the side of the Mergançol in the shade of Prat, dotted of maples and some aspen, until the Climent bridge.

Source: Vilada City Council

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