Route in the Sant Daniel Valley in Girona

Route in the Sant Daniel Valley in Girona

From Sant Pere de Galligants access to the valley of Sant Daniel, extensive green area next to the city of Girona with shady places and water sources. The church, which preserves the sepulcher of St. Daniel (14th century), the work of the master Aloi, and the cloister of the monastery (12th-15th centuries) are a beautiful example of Romanesque construction with Gothic additions.

The total distance of the route is 4.5 km and of low difficulty, suitable to do with the whole family.

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We leave the square of Sant Pere de Galligants and go to find the back of the monastery to pass a small place.

Start the route up the Galligants on its right bank until you reach the source of the Bishop. Here you have to cross the bridge and continue on the road to the right until you find the fence of the monastery of Sant Daniel. We follow the fence until we reach the junction.

r250_pericot At this point, we will cross the bridge of the Galligants to visit the fountain of Pericot. We will return to the road again and continue on asphalt in the same direction we had. The river that will always remain to our left, invites us to look back, from time to time, in order to have good views of the monastery. This Benedictine monastery, with a thousand years of history, was founded in 1015 when Bishop Pere Rotger sold the alodio of Sant Daniel to Ramón Borrell and his wife, Countess Ermessenda de Carcassona, who was the bishop's sister.

Arrived at a crossroads, we continue on asphalt turning to the right and soon we find the source of Fita.

We continue the asphalted rise leaving a detour to the left and then a house on the right. Soon, when the asphalt ends, we continue straight (we leave the track on the right) to go under the bridge of the N-II variant and about 300 meters more we will have reached the source of the Leones.

Located with our last source, passing between a group of corks and turning to the left, starts a path that will serve us to make the return. Shortly after leaving the esplanade of the fountain, on the right margin we can see the remains of an old lime kiln.

r250_sant-daniel From here, the road begins to rise, we pass again under the bridge of the variant, shortly after we leave a path that goes down to the left and we reach a wider track. To the left and down to this track we can enjoy good views of the Valley of Sant Daniel.

We will arrive at the asphalt and then at the Plaza del Poble or the Sardanas, which we can access by a bridge that crosses the torrent of the Tower, then return to the road and continue to the right. Very close to the square we will see the point where the streams of the Tower, of Sant Miquel come together and a few meters below it receives the water from the Polvorín stream. This is where we can say that the Galligants River is born. By this point we have already passed on the way out and we will only have to follow the river, downstream, to return to the point of departure.

Before the valley was known by the name of Sant Daniel, it was known as the Valle Umbrío, tenebrous or deep. When the remains of Sant Daniel arrived in 888, it was when the name began to be known. Sant Daniel was until 1963 an independent municipality when it was annexed to the city of Girona.

Source: Regional Council of Gironès

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