A walk through the meadows and the Salt orchards

A walk through the meadows and the Salt orchards

This route, shared between Girona and Salt, will allow you to know the agricultural space of the gardens of Santa Eugenia and the natural space of the Deveses de Salt following the banks of the Ter, with a route that coincides partially with the greenway of Carrilet between Olot and Girona.

The distance of the itinerary is 4.93 km and it is easy, therefore, the whole family can enjoy it!


We started walking in the old quarter of Salt and we left before the parish of Sant Cugat and we went to the Plaza de la Villa, where we can see the stones rounded by the river Ter that have been used to build the houses.

We will also find three statues representing the otters, an animal formerly very abundant in the Park and extinct in the mid-twentieth century, which has returned thanks to reintroductions.

We take Calle Larga and, on the left, Luis Aguilera street will take us to the Puente del Rec. The bridge crosses the Monar canal, the current canal is the result of the adaptation works for the miller, agricultural and industrial use of a irrigation already documented in 833, which makes it one of the oldest canals in Catalonia.

r254_horts When we cross the bridge we enter the Parque de las Deveses with a large area of vegetable gardens on both sides, advancing on a high road. The Las Deveses park had been an area of important pasture, where the herds of lambs from the Pyrenees had descended to spend the winter. The proximity to the city of Girona favored the sale of meat and the slaughterhouses of the city were located in Salt. We arrive at the Women's Laundry and continue in the middle of trees to cross the Greenway that links Olot and Girona for cyclists and pedestrians.

We left the old pond of Fuentes del Ter on the left and continue straight through the old municipal nurseries to cross the Ter Petit, an abandoned river course where there are some rafts and wetlands.

r254_deveses We reach a large area more open and on the left we can visit the raft of ducks. To the right we enter the Pla dels Socs and the road takes us to the river Ter where we will see a lock with jetty. To the right we go all along the river following the path until we reach some footbridges over some lagoons. Continue straight until you find the bike path and turn left to take the first detour to the right.

This path in the middle of the orchards of the Guixeres takes us to the town, crossing the Monar irrigation channel again . We reach the buildings of the old Coma Cros and take the street of Sant Dionís until we find the ditch again. We are the Rec Monar Park that will take us back to the old town.

Source: Regional Council of Gironès

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