Hill of the Cross of Gurb from Sant Andreu de Gurb

Hill of the Cross of Gurb from Sant Andreu de Gurb

If La Mola is the top of the people who live in Terrassa and the Collbaix, those of Manresa, those of Vic when they want to go to a summit to do sports in their day to day, this is, without a doubt, the Colina de la Gurb cross. This watchtower rises 300 meters above the Plana de Vic and offers a wide panoramic view of the capital of Osona and its surroundings. Whether to get out of the fog or to get to know this neuralgic place of the Vic, the Hill of the Cross of Gurb is a small oxygenating getaway.

Difficulty: low. Only to highlight the uphill and downhill slope, quite strong (but not very long)

Elevation gain: 278 m elevation gain

Time: between 1h30 'and 2h according to rhythm and stops

Kilometers: 5.8 km

Variations: There are multiple trails to climb the Cruz de Gurb from the corner of Sant Andreu de Gurb and from the Vilafreser plane. It can also be done from the other side, on the shady side, following the PR-C 41 from Sant Julià Sassoba or on roads from Sant Cristòfol de Vespella.

Access: Coming from the south, on the C-17 at the height of Vic / Gurb, we take exit 62 towards BV-4601 in the direction of Gurb / Sant Bartomeu. We pass by the side of the junction of the C-25 with the C-17 and we come to a couple of roundabouts that cross the C-25 above. We take the BV-4601 towards Sant Bartomeu. We follow this road for 1 km until we find a detour on the left that goes towards the parish of Sant Andreu de Gurb.

Route: We leave the car in one of the car parks near the church of Sant Andreu de Gurb.

During the first section of approach to the top, it will seem that we avoid it since we will skirt it until we seek the ascent on the southern slope. In any case, we will follow the marks of PR-C 41 (Sendero de San Andrés de Gurb) for 2 kilometers, planning for these surroundings of Sant Andreu de Gurb.

We started walking towards the church of Sant Andreu de Gurb and we skirted it on the left (on the east side). Next, we continue to the right along an asphalt track until we reach some farms that we will surround below. The track is no longer asphalted and we continue on to another farm where we turn right (indicated by the PR marks).

We are making our way between cultivated fields and sections of forest, always heading south. After about 10 minutes, the road makes a 180 degree turn, heading west and we take a path (PR signs) to avoid passing by the Camprodon house.

Shortly after, we turn onto a track to our right (westbound) and leave the PR. This track will bring us closer to the southern slope of Cerro de la Cruz de Gurb. We pass by the side of the house of El Verdeguer and continue until in front of the house of Vilafreser. At this point, we turn right and take a paved track up to the entrance to the Sant Jaume de Vilafreser farmhouse.

Right at this point, a path emerges on the left and we begin the ascent to the Hill of the Cross of Gurb. Little by little the slope increases to a small landing with a signpost ("Signpost" waypoint) where we turn to our right, in the direction of Gurb Castle (which in fact is what gives the hill its name). Shortly after, we will find another signpost and now we continue along the path to the left that goes directly to the top.

We will continue the steep ascent to the top making some zigzags. We will see that there are multiple trails to get there and we will see the ruins of the old castle at the top.

We reach the top and enjoy the good views of the entire Vic plain that are offered from this privileged vantage point. If we go around Christmas, we will find a huge cross installed that lights up at night and can be seen from practically the entire plain of Vic.

Apart from the views of the plain, we will also see the peaks that close it to the east (Matagalls, Les Agudes, Cabrera, Aiats, Puigsacalm...); the peaks of the Eastern Pyrenees (Puigmal, Bastiments...) and even some of the Berguedà, such as Rasos de Peguera or Pedraforca.

To go down, we will now follow the path that goes down through the shady, steeply sloping and careful not to slip on the leaves if it is wet. We come to a signpost where we turn right, towards Sant Andreu de Gurb and take PR-C 41 again.

We go down progressively until we get back down on the plain. We will arrive at some speed bumps resulting from the erosion of the blue marls called Terressos del Puig and del Tiro. In fact, we will find them along the way, but these are quite spectacular. At this point, we will return to a forest track to our right and, shortly after, a path that descends towards Sant Andreu de Gurb through the area of the Enchanted Forest and the Fuente del Puig.

The last stretch of the road we do through this place where we find the Fountain and the Torrent del Puig and the area of the Enchanted Forest, where we find several animals made of wood and some trees with the poster of the species they are, ideal to learn what they are the trees we have in our surroundings. A good end point to a fast and original circular.

Authorship of photographs and text: Sergi Boixader

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