Winter road in Conesa

Winter road in Conesa

This itinerary proposes a visit to the past to the remainder of the old town of Torlanda through forested areas and crop fields. Once arrived at the place, we propose a small tour of the environment, crossing a part of Les Planes de Conesa, where the cereal crops distributed in
Wavy fields and different eras that emphasize the rural character of this area until reaching the Redondo hill.

The distance of this circular route is 9.5 km and is of easy difficulty, the entire route is well signposted.

Come on!

We are looking at the church, in the main square behind the Town Hall of Conesa located on the old communal bread oven, on the left is the cafeteria of the Union and on the right the street that leads us to the portal of Santa Maria where to exit. Right in front is a fountain; we leave the street of La Muralla and other streets and roads on the right, and turn left on Patio Street above. A few meters away, we leave to the left the corner of the Father and a street that borders the apse of the church and that leads to the stream of the Huertas.

We continue straight up the Patio Street following the signs to Torlanda and Redondo Hill. The street goes up smoothly, a few meters to the left we will leave a fountain and arrive at the top of the town. We leave the asphalt and continue along the path that passes over the soccer field. We leave on the left the road that goes down to the sports area, on the right a road, in poor condition, that takes us to the track that goes to Forès, and another that climbs the era we have in front of us.

We cross the paved road of Conesa in Forès and continue along the road that comes before us. The road is flat, passes between fields and ends with a small, very gentle climb.

We leave to the right the path that leads up to the end of Termino or Las Peques mountain and continue straight. From here we can see the mountains of Comaverd and Miramar, the mountains of Prades, the town of Rocafort de Queralt and Montblanc. We leave to the right the road that borders the hill in Forès, the Plan de María and Sabella and we turn left towards Torlanda.

We cross the T-2300 road from Rocafort de Queralt to Conesa and continue straight on the unpaved road. We turn right along the path that goes down between fields. We pass in front of the remains of a beating. In the background we can see the Comaverd mountain range and about 200 m below we enter a small forest.

We arrive at some fields of sown; The road narrows and lowers smoothly through the Torlanda trench until it reaches an abandoned field. We follow the line drawn by the passage of people to the left until we reach a small climb between oaks and some pines.

We follow the signs in the direction of Torlanda without deviating from the main road until we reach the next sign. The road passes through a forest of oaks and pines. After a small climb and a very tight curve we turn left and find the next crossing.

r275_torlanda At 200 m on the right we find the remains of the hamlet of Torlanda on the top of a privileged hill with a splendid view of the nearest regions. In 1178, Torlanda was acquired by Alfonso I; later, but, it happened to Santes Creus. In 1378 we found 12 fires; in the 18th and 19th centuries only two families live, and at the beginning of the 20th century it was depopulated. The church (completely demolished) was dedicated to Saint Lucia, the image of which was transferred to Las Pilas.

We return along the path to the path. We leave to the left the road that surrounds Torlanda and goes down towards Rocafort, and we continue until the previous crossing, to continue towards the Redondo hill.

The road on the right takes us to the Torlanda fountain that is right at the foot of the road. We continue straight towards the Redondo hill.

We continue straight along the path of Carduelles wide and of good firm. We continue straight in the direction of the Redondo hill along the road of the Plains that runs between cultivated fields. We leave to the left a road that takes us to kilometer 1,500 of the route. It is an alternative if we want to shorten the itinerary. 3,610 km (725 m). We leave to the left the way of the Eras that takes us directly to Conesa, a route where we can shorten the itinerary. We continue straight on the main road without deviating until we reach the road of Las Piles.

r275_tossal-ruedo We pass between large fields, warehouses and beatings and cross the Huertas stream. We cross the road to continue straight without deviating from the main road, called the Clot del Hospital road. Later we will begin to glimpse, in the background on the left, the town of Rociana del Condado and the Redondo hill.

We turn right and then left to climb the Redondo hill (765 m). We undo the road to the signpost and continue along the road to Santa Coloma de Queralt in the direction of Conesa without turning aside.

We cross the road and go towards the city center. At 80 m on the left we will find a parking lot and a little further down, on the right, the term cross. We cross the stream of the Huertas. We continue to the left by the street of the Wall until the portal of San Antonio. We access through the portal in the old town of Conesa. Just before us is the Vella fountain, we turn left to take the main street to the exit point.

Source: Conesa Town Hall

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