Joan Miró, Mont-Roig Inspired

Joan Miró, Mont-Roig Inspired

Signposted route of 7 km. The Miró hiking trail starts at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rock and ends at the Mas Miró through places that were inspired by the work of Miró. The route can also be done in the opposite direction.

This route is part of the itinerary of hiking trails of Mont-roig Miami 7 routes designed for all kinds of walkers, families, groups, individual... With the map and signage will find all the necessary support to do the tour without getting lost along the way.

Walking is a healthy and fun way to enjoy nature, and thanks to the hiking trail Miró could be found the town of Mont-Roig.


Joan Miró, Mont-Roig Inspirat (Poble De Mont Roig Del Camp Miró Route) montroig historically has been a village of peasants. locust bean oil, potatoes, vegetables, rice... good pasture available for livestock were made. It is a very big term. This profusion of stone and made many "dry stone barracks" where shelter and protect the vessels of the field were built.

Mont-roig, in 1900, shortly before going Joan Miró, had 2,669 inhabitants. In 1950, 2,296. In 2009 already it had about 13,000 inhabitants.

Since the late nineteenth century there were two societies, the political and recreational time a Carlist ( "Loyalist Center") and other liberal-republican ( "El Porvenir Democratic"). There was also a "Centro Obrero" (from 1911-1925).

The municipality of Mont-Roig del Camp, of 63.69 square kilometers and about 13 kilometers of beach, is in the region of Baix Camp and is part of the Costa Dorada. It has two distinct nuclei population. Inside is the core of Mont-roig, which has interesting architectural and historical references. On the coast is the village of Miami Platja, born as a result of the tourism phenomenon and where the beauty of its beaches and coves.

Joan Miro

Joan Miró, Mont-Roig Inspirat (Miró Mont Roig Del Camp) The young man looked accustomed to the urban environment of Barcelona, discovered in Montroig country life and found to taste, what happened there long seasons. Although during the decades of the twenties and thirties of last century Miró went to Paris, the three summer months passed Montroig; the last was 1976, when he was 83 years old.

During the 65 years Miró was a regular in the village of Lower Camp, received visits from some of his friends, famous people like Ernest Hemingway, Alexander Calder and Josep Lluis Sert.  


Joan Miró, Mont-Roig Inspirat (Miro Mont Roig Sant Ramon Route) From the craggy chapel of Virgin of the Rocks, we go down the old road of the Chapel, to the town of Mont-Roig del Camp.

During the tour will pass through the stages of some of the works of Miró, and also the Mas Miró. The relationship between Mont-Roig and the painter Joan Miró begins in 1911, from that first contact, year after year will spend long periods in his village, now called Mas Miró.

After that first contact Miró observes that appears throughout nature around, admiring the work of farmers who cultivate the land with geometric perfection, absorbs the essence that radiates from this land between sea and mountains. And all this energy it commit in his work.

The tables painted in Montroig are numerous and all emphasizes harmony between nature and farm work, I must say that Montroig is capital throughout Miró 's work, '' I am much happier going in sweater and drinking porrón among farmers in Mont-roig in Paris. All my work is conceived in Mont-roig '' said the painter.

The Miró Center

Joan Miró, Mont-Roig Inspirat (Centre Miró Miró) Once the tour ended in the village, you can visit the Miró Centre, located in the old church. Created in 2004, this space can enjoy facsimile reproductions of all the works that the artist did in Mont-Roig, and several documentaries about the artist and his relationship with the people. The artist painted in the "People and church of Mont-roig" (1919) box and is very close to the square, which takes its name from the April 29, 1979, when the town of Mont-roig gave him a sense popular homage. He would die just four years later. One of the jewels that houses the tapestry is created by the artist himself and Josep Royo, plus reproductions of dolls that inspired some of his latest works.

The center also organizes exhibitions and related activities figure painter. One of the most anticipated weekend is held annually, coinciding with the arrival of summer, and is that the villagers made reproductions of works by Miró as carpets made with colored chips.

A part of this itinerary to meet the pictorial roots of Miró, lovers artist, can continue to enjoy their work in the Miro Foundation in Barcelona or following one of the cycling routes organized in the Catalan capital about her figure.



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