Route of the Cercavins River

Route of the Cercavins River

The river Cercavins is born on the coasts of the Sierra de Suró (790 m) and runs through the terms of Montoliu de Segarra and Montornès de Segarra, through which this route runs.

It is a fairly flat territory in which forest areas alternate with cereal crops, almonds and olives; There is also a vineyard, which was formerly cultivated throughout the Segarra and which today has practically disappeared outside this sector of the region.

The Route of the Cercavins also allows to know the heritage of the Segarra. In Montornès there are houses with lintelled portals in the old town and the old schools and the modernist cemetery and l'Ametlla a cylindrical tower (year 1077) and the Romanesque church of San Pedro.

Data sheet

  • Difficulty: Low
  • Route: 12,720 km
  • Starting and finishing point: Montornès de Segarra

Ancient schools of Montornès de Segarra

At one end of the village of Montornès de Segarra stands the building of the old schools.

Of this building it emphasizes the porch that surrounds the main facade and the two lateral ones of one of the three ships. The portico is supported by brick columns that support a roof of wooden beams of great singularity.

The old schools of Montornès de Segarra, like the cemetery, were financed by Josep M. Balcells.

Cemetery of Montornès de Segarra

The cemetery of Montornès de Segarra was paid for by Josep M. Balcells, son of the town.

This cemetery, built in 1896, maintains its original appearance. Its plant is quadrangular, with a tower at each angle covered with glazed ceramic tiles.

The cemetery of Montornès is built according to eclectic parameters, where a Gothic façade is mixed with the roofs of the towers as oriental pagodas. Inside, the pantheon - chapel of the Balcells family stands out.

Tower of Ametlla de Segarra

This tower belongs to the castle that was incorporated during the thirteenth century to the domains of the order of the Hospital. Its origins, however, date back to the eleventh century, when the counts of Barcelona organized this extreme sector of the county of Manresa-Osona. The high command of the order of the Hospital over the castle of Ametlla lasted until the abolition of the manors in the nineteenth century.

The castle tower is the only preserved part of the fortress, it is circular in plan. The two upper floors are preserved. It has a height of 13 meters. The primitive entrance door is 7 meters from the outside floor, at the level of the main floor.

This fortification had to be done towards the middle of the 11th century. In modern times it was used as a home which caused some reforms.

The castle of the Ametlla had an important strategic role during the war against Juan II.

The tower of the Ametlla has been recently restored.

Church of San Pedro de la Ametlla

The church of San Pedro de la Ametlla is located in the urban center. It is recorded for the first time in the relations of parishes of the bishopric of Vic of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, with the name of Amenla.

The building dates back to the 12th century, although it was renovated in the 15th century due to the damage caused by the earthquakes of 1427. It consists of a nave, covered with a pointed barrel vault, topped by a semicircular apse to the east. The door opens on the west façade, it has a round arch with an archivolt supported by columns and capitals. The apse is crowned by a frieze of corbels decorated with balls that support a cornice molded under the eaves. The only opening of the apse is a semicircular arch window.

The church is crowned by a tower bell tower.

As a curiosity comment that the year 1272, Guerau de Jorba donated his body to the order of the Hospital of Cervera and established, among other provisions, that the order kept a priest who said daily mass for his soul to the church of Ametlla.

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