Route of the hermitages of Ulldemolins

Route of the hermitages of Ulldemolins

The route of the hermitages of Ulldemolins makes available to all the public the possibility of enjoying an environment rich in cultural, natural and landscape.


Route of the hermitages of Ulldemolins (Congost De Fraguerau) To do this we suggest that you first approach the hermitage of San Bartolomé. From there we will drive the Cadolles Fondas along the track that runs over the hermitage of San Antonio until arriving at the Fuente de la Gleva, it will take about 30 minutes.

From the viewpoint you can see the gorge of the Cadolles Fondas. Following the path that leads to the Fraguerau gorge, you can enjoy magnificent views of the cliffs with particular shapes like the Three Jurors, the corner of the Pastera or the Trona and you will enter a forest that in summer will give you a very comforting shadow. A sign will mark you the deviation towards the hermitage, to which you will arrive by a suspension bridge that is the attraction of the small ones and of the not so small ones.

Then we will return by the same road to the hermitage of San Antonio, you can refresh ourselves in the fountain and in the shade of the banana trees. By car or on foot we can reach the hermitage of Santa Magdalena in 5 minutes. You can go by the asphalted track or by the old road, that leaves behind the parking lot.

Hermitage of San Bartolomé

Route of the hermitages of Ulldemolins (Ermita San Bartolomé) It is a small chapel of Romanesque style of rectangular nave and round apse. It has its origin in the cave of Fra Guerau that gives name to the gorge.

In the interior of the cave Fra Guerau constructed the chapel dedicated to San Bartolomé. Years later the hermitage was erected in the square before the cave. It is a small chapel of a nave with round apse, canyon vault of stone blocks a little pointed, portal located on the north facade and bell tower.

At his side stands a tall, slender cypress. It is accessed by foot, from the hermitage of San Antonio by a track or by a signaled path GR65-5 (km 25,5 of the C-242).

San Antonio Hermitage

Route of the hermitages of Ulldemolins (Hermitage San Antonio) Until well into the sixteenth century was known as the hermitage of Santa Barbara.

It is a single-storey building adjoining the mountain rock that is preceded by a small porch. It is extended in the back in the space that now occupies a shelter where you can stay overnight if you want to enjoy a longer stay. It also has a bar service, tables, benches and stoves for a meal or a refreshment.

Of particular note are the pointed arches, the front atrium, the belfry, the double access door preceded by a small porch and the impressive cypresses lined up on both sides of the road.

Restored, it has traditionally been a place of meetings and recreation with a recreation area distributed on different terraces.

Hermitage of Santa Magdalena

Route of the hermitages of Ulldemolins (Ermita Santa Magdalena) Built in the 16th century, it is known as the Montsant Cathedral for its large dimensions. In its interior a crypt is conserved decorated with popular frescoes of century XVIII and a gallery with stays excavated in the rock.

It has 6 chapels, choir, tribunes and crypt where a Christ is worshiped with great devotion through the singing of his supplications.

You can also visit the Cave of Friar Lorenzo Julià, where he practiced the life of a penitent. In its surroundings we find ample squares of our own to collect, with service of stoves, fountains and a camping ground that also has sanitary services and showers.

It has a square with bar service, benches and tables, grills and toilets.

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