Live the popular holidays

Live the popular holidays

Catalonia has a great calendar of traditional and popular festivals. A great diversity of festive events, elements and acts are part of the Catalan festive heritage, with a well-filled holiday calendar and lives throughout the year.

Each town and city has its parties, which reinforce cohesion and the sense of belonging, celebrations all with their own characteristics. Many of these parties invite visitors to walk between neighborhoods and streets and rediscover towns and cities with lots of charm, full of light, color and festivities.

To enter the richness and plurality of the festivities of Catalonia is to discover an inexhaustible intangible cultural heritage, full of tradition, values, in constant transformation and with a lot of citizen, associative and institutional involvement and participation.

The party is explosion, fun, conviviality, solemnity, transgression, expression, intensity, creativity and movement. The party is to live it and to share it.

Can you come with us?

The Patum of Berga

The celebration of the feast of Corpus for excellence in Berguedà has a name: the Patum. Some say it is a holiday that can not be explained in words, it's…

The Aquelarre of Cervera

The last Saturday in August, Cervera celebrates one of the most unique festivals and more followers of Catalunya, the Coven. This term comes from the Basque language…

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Summer in Navas



The Department of Youth and Festivals of Navàs has presented the cultural and leisure program for this summer. The program of events can be found from shows…

Feast of San Cristóbal in Ripoll



Saint Christopher, patron saint of automobiles and protector of travellers, has been a venerated figure for centuries in Catalonia. During the day, cars, motorcycles…

Transsegre Balaguer

08/07/2022 - 10/07/2022


Transsegre is the most important water festival known throughout the country. It has become a major collective summer festival that takes place between Balaguer,…

Fireworks Contest in Tarragona

06/07/2022 - 09/07/2022


Tarragona celebrates a new edition of the Fireworks Contest. A much-loved celebration in the city of Tarragona, with the participation of high-level pyrotechnics,…

Pilgrimage on the Island of Buda in Sant Jaume d'Enveja


Sant Jaume d'Enveja

A new edition of the pilgrimage arrives at the Hermitage of San Pedro Mártir on the Island of Buda. A unique moment in which we can visit one of the most…

Festivities of San Juan and Sant Pere in Hospitalet de l'Infant

23/06/2022 - 29/06/2022

Vandellòs i l'Hospitalet de l'Infant

This party is loaded with acts for all audiences. With this program we want to keep alive a festival that a few years ago was very important for Hospitalet. Among…

Segregation festivities in Sant Jaume d'Enveja

Sant Jaume d'Enveja

Like every year, Sant Jaume de Enveja celebrates the Segregation Festivities, which this year commemorate the 44th anniversary of the municipality's independence.…

Festivities of San Juan and the Elois in Prats de Lluçanès

Prats de Lluçanès

For a few days, Prats de Lluçanès celebrates its big festival: The Festival of Saint John and the Elois! You will find varied activities for all ages…

Llofriu Cork Stripping Festival in Palafrugell


The Llofriu Cork Peeling Festival, in Palafrugell, takes place in June with a wide and varied program of activities that take up the whole day. The festival is…

Witches night in Altafulla


Witches and warlocks will take center stage in Altafulla this weekend as part of Halloween. The fair will take place over two days and has an extensive program…

Verbena of San Juan in Súria


The town of Súria already has everything ready to celebrate the festival of San Juan. San Juan is the set of celebrations that celebrate the summer solstice,…

Received from the Canigó flame in Solsona


The Plaza de San Juan de Solsona this year hosts the act of receiving the Llama del Canigó, the identity symbol of the Catalan countries to celebrate the…

Night of San Juan in Santpedor


Santpedor will live one more year the traditional lighting of the cauldron with the Flame of Canigó on the Night of San Juan, in charge of the 2x2 excursion…

Festival of Sant Guillem in Llívia


Llívia celebrates the Fiesta de Sant Guillem, the patron saint of Llívia, a festival held on the third weekend of June. Legend has it that Sant Guillem…

The Patum of Berga


There is evidence of the celebration of the festivities of La Patum de Berga since 1454, when it was known as the Bulla or the Bullícia del Santíssim…

Romería del Rocío in Vilaseca

Vila-seca (La Pineda)

Some 4,000 people and more than 40 carts will undertake the Camino del Rocío from the Serrallo . Another year, the House of Andalusia of Tarragona and demarcation…

Meeting of Sant Antoni in Ribes de Freser

Ribes de Freser

Ribes de Freser celebrates one more year the San Antonio Encounter, and does so by proposing the following activities: A Mass in honor of Saint Anthony. Popular…

Pilgrimage of San Antonio in Camprodon


Camprodon celebrates the Aplec de Sant Antoni for another year, and it does so by proposing the following activities: A Mass in honor of San Antonio. Popular rice…

Festivities of Santa Oliva in Olesa de Montserrat

Olesa de Montserrat

Festival in honor of the patron saint of the town, Santa Oliva, with different scheduled activities, mainly in the old town of Olesa de Montserrat. On the day of…

Cherry Festival in Miravet


A new edition of the Miravet Cherry Festival and the Canterers Fair is here. Exhibitions of new cherry varieties, conferences and talks about cherries, popular…

Health Aplec in Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Coinciding with Easter Granada, Cajón de Sastre once again organizes the Aplec de la Salud. This had been a very popular festival of the Santfeliuenses that…

Festival of the Transhumance in Llívia


When the good weather arrives, and the alpine pastures of the Carlit go green, Llívia's cattle climb for the summer months. The farmers make this trip every…

Aplec de la Rosa in the castle of Tona


Tona dresses up to celebrate the Aplec de la Rosa in Lourdes and at Tona Castle. During the two days, a whole group of acts are held, open to everyone and related…

Arenys de Flores

Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar is again a burst of color and animation with a new edition of Arenys de Flores. We suggest you go for a walk around the city, discovering the spaces…

Feast of Santa Paulina in Ascó


One more year the municipality of Ascó celebrates the Feast of Santa Paulina, in honor of the Patron Saint of Ascó, during the celebration the tree…

The Tonyinada (tuna festival) in Vandellòs and Hospitalet del…

Vandellòs i l'Hospitalet de l'Infant

One more year the La Tonyinada (tuna festival) of Vandellòs and Hospitalet de l'Infant will take place in Plaza Catalunya in Hospitalet de l'Infant. In this…

Fiesta Remença del Valle del Llémena

Canet d'Adri ...

A new edition of the Fiesta Remença del Valle del Llémena is ready. The Remença Festival is held every year in a different municipality from…

Beer Festival in Sant Julià de Ramis

Sant Julià de Ramis

Sant Julià de Ramis celebrates the Beer Festival for yet another year. Beer is an alcoholic beverage made from sugars obtained from cereals and other grains…

May 27 party in Ripoll


May 27, 1839 is a key date for Ripoll. And it is that that day, after more than a week of siege, the Carlist army managed to occupy the city and initiate a fierce…

Aplec of the snail of Lleida


The meeting of Caracol de Lleida is a group that takes place annually, a weekend in May, on the banks of the Segre River and the Champs-Élysées de…

Subirats Environment Festival


The Environment Festival is organized by the Environment and Sustainability service of the Subirats City Council, with the collaboration of entities and schools…

Feast of Solius in Santa Cristina de Aro

Santa Cristina d'Aro

The first of the festivities of the 4 historic centers of the municipality will be held at the Solius Monastery in Santa Cristina de Aro. Coinciding with the proximity…

Wool festival and wedding in the Ripoll peasant


The National Wool and Wedding Festival in el Campesino is a festival that the town of Ripoll celebrates year after year on the weekend after the Sant Eudald festival.…

May festivities in Alcanar


The May festivities are always received with joy because they mark the end of winter and the beginning of good weather in Alcanar. They are also special festivals…

Day of San Isidro in the Monastery of Santa María de Lillet

La Pobla de Lillet

The local farmers of La Pobla de Lillet once again organize the Fiesta de San Isidro at the Monasterio de Santa María. In this festivity, in honor of the…

Parade of San Isidro in El Prat de Llobregat

El Prat de Llobregat

El Prat de Llobregat celebrates one more year the Cavalcade of San Isidro, the celebration of the day of the peasantry. Organized by the Amics del cavall entity…

Small Party in Setcases


One more year the Setcases Small Party arrives with the musical performance of Marc Anglarill! Setcases, a typical Pyrenean environment, surrounded by spectacular…

Aplec de Bisue in Llavorsí


Every second weekend of May, after mass, a quarter kilo bread is distributed to all attendees (the charity of Biuse), and scattered throughout the meadows, the…

Pilgrimage of Obiols in Avià


Residents of the area and the surrounding towns, such as the La Plana and Cal Rosal neighborhoods, celebrate the brilliant meeting in the pre-Romanesque church…

The afternoon of the correfocs in Sant Jaume d'Enveja

Sant Jaume d'Enveja

The afternoon of the correfocs in Sant Jaume de Enveja, with local DJs. There will be a snack service. San Jaime de Envidia extends along the banks of the Ebro…

Festival of Malavella in Caldes de Malavella

Caldes de Malavella

The tourism area of the Municipality of Caldes de Malavella with the collaboration of the Malavella Commission presents a new edition of the Fiesta de la Malavella.…

Gathering of Pedracastell in Canet de Mar

Canet de Mar

Canet de Mar celebrates once again the Pedracastell Gathering, a festive day where games, sardanas and giant dancing will be the protagonists on the esplanade of…

Santa María Matamala Pine Festival in Les Llosses

Les Llosses

The Pi Festival is a millenary celebration of secular origin that is celebrated at the beginning of May. First thing in the morning, you go to the forest where…

Cerdà Festival of the Year in Llívia


Llívia celebrates a new edition of the Cerdà Festival of the year. A festival that rewards people or entities in the region that have distinguished…

Pilgrimage to the Virgin of Salgar by Sant Marc in Cubells


One more year Cubells celebrates the traditional Pilgrimage to the Virgin of Salgar. The traditional walk that is celebrated annually on the day of San Marcos,…

Meeting of Bell Ringers in Os de Balaguer

Os de Balaguer

The bells ring again in Os de Balaguer, as they do every last weekend of April since 1987, when the mayor and the priest at the time wanted to pay homage to the…

Major Festival Tragó de Noguera

Os de Balaguer

Os de Balaguer celebrates a new edition of the Fiesta Mayor Tragó de Noguera. It is also used to celebrate another year the anniversary of the definitive…

Day of Sant Marc, Truitada to the Sanctuary of Falgars

La Pobla de Lillet

The Sanctuary of Falgars de la Pobla de Lillet once again hosts the Festival of Sant Marc, with the traditional Truitada. At 12 noon, Solemn Mass. Then there will…

Spring Festival in Camallera

Saus, Camallera i Llampaies

Camallera celebrates a new edition of the Spring Festival, a festivity that fills the town with music, sports, magic and dance. A lot of acts for the whole family…

The Mysteries of Olesa de Montserrat

Olesa de Montserrat

In 1994, a good group of Olesa took the initiative to revive the ancient tradition of exposing the Mysteries of Holy Week in Olesa, a tradition that had been interrupted…

Holy Week in Prats de Lluçanès

Prats de Lluçanès

Prats de Lluçanès throws itself into the celebration of Holy Week activities with a full program, with traditional acts at the forefront and with…

Pilgrimage of Santa Lena in Sant Aniol de Finestres

Sant Aniol de Finestres

Sant Aniol de Finestres celebrates the meeting of Santa Lena for yet another year. At 12 noon the Solemn Office will be held and then there will be a snack.

Easter in Montblanc


The Congregation of the Blood, is the entity in charge of organizing the events of Holy Week in Montblanc. Currently, the Congregation of the Purest Blood of Montblanc…

Easter in Creixell


Creixell celebrates Easter for yet another year. As is tradition, the first Procession will be the Via Crucis that will leave the church of Sant Jaume and go to…

People's vote in San Sebastián in Montclar


Montclar celebrates the people's vote in San Sebastan. Solemn mass in honor of Saint Sebastian. In the afternoon procession in honor of San Sebastian, dance of…

Easter in La Llacuna

La Llacuna

La Llacuna celebrates one more year Holy Week with a lot of acts. Palm Sunday, Good Friday with the celebration of the Via Crucis, are the most notable events.…

Easter Festival in Cervià de les Garrigues

Cervià de les Garrigues

Cervià de les Garrigues has everything ready for the celebration of the Easter Festival, Holy Sunday with a show by the Clownic company with its play " Hotel…

Acts of Holy Week in Camprodon


Camprodon turns to the celebration of Holy Week with various activities concentrated on Thursday and Holy Friday.

Easter in Mataró


Mataró celebrates Holy Week with a program full of events and proposals. The Holy Week in Mataró is one of the most outstanding in Catalonia. It includes…

Easter in Santa Maria de Olo

Santa Maria d'Oló

Like every year, for Easter, the caramelles and bastoners return to Santa Maria de Oló! We encourage you to go out to the streets to join us and participate!

Easter in La Granadella

La Granadella

Granadella celebrates a new edition of Holy Week. This village of Les Garrigues, with about 700 inhabitants, is bustling with the representation of Lo Desclavament…

Caramelles for Easter in Serrateix and in Viver

Viver i Serrateix

One more year in Serrateix and in Viver the Caramelles are celebrated for Easter. Sing of the caramelles and dance of bells in the Plaza de Viver, with the usual…

Spring Festival in L'Estany


L'Estany celebrates a new edition of the Spring Festival with a day full of activities. Captive flight at Rec dels Nogueres with Volaventura, juggling workshop…

The Procession of Verges


The Verges Procession is performed only on Holy Thursday. Its representation begins at 5 in the afternoon with a parade of the Manages or Romans that run through…

Spring Correfoc in Tordera


The Correfoc de los Diablos de Tordera organizes the spring correfoc. The route will be from the Plaza de la Iglesia, passing through the Parking de Can Nassos,…

Feast of San Antonio in Tona


In homage to the peasant roots, each year the Tona priest blesses the animals related to farm work that run through the town in a showy parade. We will wait for…

The Cavallada in Castelló d'Empúries

Castelló d'Empúries

One of the most deeply rooted traditions in the recent past of Castelló d'Empúries is the celebration of the Cavallada organized by the Grupo Cavallista…

Pig slaughter festival in Montgai


The ancient custom of killing the pig to make sausages and other foods that were kept to supply families throughout the year can be revived on the third Sunday…

Pilgrimage of San Gregorio

Sant Gregori

The Aplec de Sant Gregori is a festive day full of activities organized by the Association of Sardanistas del Valle del Llémena and by the Sant Gregori City…

Gitanes dance in Santa Maria de Palautordera

Santa Maria de Palautordera

The Ball de Gitanes is the popular, folkloric event, traditionally most deeply rooted in the towns of Vallès, recovered in Palau in 2011. The Villa will…

Feast of San Antonio in Caseres


San Antonio is very popular in the town, since all the neighbors gather in each street of the town and light large bonfires, where afterwards there is an orchestra…

Gitanes dance in Sant Celoni

Sant Celoni

San Celoni celebrates the arrival of spring with the Gitanes Dance. The Gypsies Dance is the popular, folkloric event, traditionally most deeply rooted in the towns…

Feast of Light and Hoe Fair


As every year, Manresa celebrates, the Fiesta de la Luz and the Feria de la Azada. The Hoe Fair will fill the streets of the old town with artisans and masters…

Carnival in Roda de Berà

Roda de Berà

Roda de Berà celebrates Carnival one more year with a children's party where you will find a Carnival mask workshop, music and children's entertainment by…

Ball of Gitanes in Mataró


The Cultural Association Teachers of the Gai Saber offers the Ball of Gitanes for Carnival, a show with references to Mataró since the end of the 19th century,…

Festival of the Traginers in Balsareny


The Festival of the Traginers has made Balsareny popular throughout Catalonia. Declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in 1970 and a Traditional Festival of National…

Festival of the Three Tombs in Terrassa


One more year the Festival of the Three Tombs is celebrated in Terrassa. The streets are filled with horses and carriages, in honor of San Antonio Abad (patron…

Bagà Rice Festival


The Rice Festival of Bagà is already a rooted tradition that is celebrated on the second Sunday of February. This year on February 9 is the date indicated,…

Feast of San Sebastián in Súria


The activity that kicks off the start of the new year in Súria is, without a doubt, the Fiesta de San Sebastián. The Mayor Winter Festival of the…

Festivities of Santa Eulalia in Barcelona


The Santa Eulalia festivities are patron saint festivities in honor of Eulalia de Barcelona, celebrated around February 12, the date of Santa Eulalia. The Santa…

Festival of the Three Tombs in Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana

Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana

One more year, Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana celebrates the traditional festival of the Tres Tombs, where a mass is celebrated in honor of San Antonio…

Candelaria Festival

Calafell ...

With the proximity of the day of the Candelaria, the celebrations related to this Virgin are put into action in Catalonia. We find Castelló de Empúries,…

Winter aplec in Olesa de Montserrat

Olesa de Montserrat

On the first Sunday in February, sardana lovers meet at the Olesa de Montserrat Winter Aplec. Organized by the ACF Olesa Sardanista, the dancers dance to the sound…

Candelaria festivities in Ametlla de Mar

L'Ametlla de Mar

L'Ametlla de Mar is on Festa Major! The population celebrates the Fiesta Mayor de la Candelaria, and as in all similar celebrations, the main motivation is religious…

Festivities of San Antonio Abad in Olesa de Montserrat

Olesa de Montserrat

Olesa de Montserrat, at the foot of the Montserrat mountain, is a municipality rich in culture and tradition. Markets, music, three laps and much more await you!…

Saint Agatha in Prats de Lluçanès

Prats de Lluçanès

Prats de Lluçanès will commemorate Santa Àgata one more year with various cultural events to commemorate February 5, 1714, the day of Santa…

Carnival in Llavorsí


Are you ready for the funniest day of the year? Calderada, Dance and Costume Contest. We will wait for you!

Meeting of Sant Mer de Vilademuls


The Sunday after January 27, the day of the Saint, is when the pilgrimage of Sant Mer is celebrated in Vilademuls. This is the saint who, according to legend, defeated…

San Antonio Abad in La Llacuna

La Llacuna

La Llacuna celebrates the traditional festival in honor of San Antonio Abad with the blessing of the flag and animals, and then the blessed rolls will be distributed.…

January agenda in Palamós


Palamós begins the year with a monthly schedule full of events for all audiences, starting with the arrival of the Three Wise Men by sea or the traditional…

Feast of San Antonio Abad in Palamós


Celebrate the traditional blessing of the animals on the Paseo del Mar de Palamós. At 1:00 p.m. the blessing of the animals will take place. We will wait…

The Corrida de Puig-reig


La Corrida in Puig-reig is a traditional festival that is celebrated every year by San Antonio in Puig-reig for more than 125 years. The festival revolves…

Festival of the Calçotada de Valls


A few weeks later, on the last weekend of January in the middle of winter, the Calçotada Festival takes place, a gastronomic festival dedicated to the gastronomic…

Feast of San Antonio Abad in Solsona


Solsona celebrates one of its most ancient festivals invoking the patron saint of the muleteers, whose main attraction is the parade and the Tres Tombs. The program…

Feast of San Antonio Abad in Sant Feliu de Codines

Sant Feliu de Codines

San Antonio is the patron saint of animals that live with man, and also of farmers and muleteers. In Sant Feliu de Codines there is documentation dating from the…

Festival of the Three Tombs in Vilanova i la Geltrú

Vilanova i la Geltrú

On January 17 of each year the festival of the Tres Tombs is celebrated, a festive heritage of Catalonia, in honor of the patron saint of the city, San Antonio…

San Antonio and the Three Tombs in Butsènit de Urgell


During the festival of San Antonio and the Three Tombs in Butsènit de Urgell, in the municipality of Montgai, participants perform "the three tombs" near…

Feast of San Antonio de Ascó


The San Antonio de Ascó festival has preserved traditions that go back generations. It is recognized as a heritage festival of national interest. The festival,…

El Tió has arrived in La Pedrera!


Come to La Pedrera and at the end of your visit at "La Pedrera Essencial", the Tió de La Pedrera will wait for you in the courtyard of Paseo de Gracia, loaded…

Tortell Festival in Canyelles


Canyelles celebrates the Tortell Festival with the performance of the Playback Gent Gran group. In the Multicultural Hall of the municipality, at 6pm. Do not miss…

Uncle of Argençola Festival


Argençola in autumn, it's Tions time. With the arrival of the cold, the Fiesta del Tió de Argençola returns and reaches a new edition. The…

Santa Barbara party in Ogassa


Ogassa celebrates one more year its Fiesta Mayor in honor of Santa Bárbara. Accompanied by a program full of activities for the whole family, among the most…

Santa Barbara Day in Saldes


In Saldes on Santa Barbara Day, Patroness of the miners is celebrated with a whole party in the town with cultural and traditional events. Do not miss it!

Halloween at PortAventura World


Come with the whole family to PortAventura World to enjoy a terrifyingly fun experience. We will wait for you!!

Chestnut in Calafell


Live the Castañada in Calafell with all the events and proposals that they have prepared. On the pedestrian island of Playa de Calafell, you can find children's…

Witch Party in Sant Feliu Sasserra

Sant Feliu Sasserra

Sant Feliu Sasserra celebrates a new edition of the Witch Party. A multidisciplinary show, with the participation of authentic artistic gems and local artists.…

Popular chestnut in L'Estany


The tin celebrates a new edition of the popular Castañada, this year there will also be a dance with Fermí Riu. Do not miss it!

Castanyaloween in Creixell


Calafell will be the scene of the most terrifying night of the year with the Castanyaloween! Are you going to miss it?

Feast of Sant Galderic de Avià


The nucleus of Graugés, in the municipality of Avià, celebrates the traditional festival of Sant Galderic, with a combination of religious, popular…

Remei de Alcanar festivities


Alcanar celebrates a new edition of the Remei Festivities, and for this reason it has programmed a lot of activities for everyone! Parades, orchestral dances, contests,…

Origins in Sant Carles de la Ràpita

Sant Carles de la Ràpita

Sant Carles de la Ràpita celebrates a new edition of Origins, and it comes loaded with activities for all audiences Origins is a cultural event that stages…

Fiesta del Rosario Fair in Vilallonga del Camp

Vilallonga del Camp

The beginning of October is synonymous with the Fair and Festival of the Virgen del Rosario de Vilallonga del Camp. We encourage you to participate in this party,…

Meeting of the Sardana Villa de Súria


Súria celebrates a new edition of the Encuentro de la Sardana. Traditional pilgrimage that has been held uninterruptedly since the early seventies of the…

Autumn Festivities in Pinedes de l'Armengol, La Torre de…

La Torre de Claramunt

Pinedes de l'Armengol has prepared a lot of activities for the Autumn Festivities, come and enjoy with the whole family! Check the schedule and don't miss anything!

Rice harvest festival in Sant Jaume d'Enveja

Sant Jaume d'Enveja

150 years ago, the term of Sant Jaume d'Enveja was an inhospitable territory, of wetlands, where many factors made human settlement difficult. The transformation…

Patron Saint Festival in Sant Fost de Campsentelles

Sant Fost de Campsentelles

Sant Fost de Campsentelles celebrates the Sant Fausto Patron Saint Festival in September, coinciding with the beginning of autumn, in the Sant Pere neighborhood…

September 11 and Gironella


That of September 10, a representation that commemorates the events of September 11, 1714 inGironella. The core of the argument, which takes place in the Roques…

September 11 in Creixell


Creixell celebrates the National Day of Catalonia on September 11. 11:45 h. Concentration 12:00 h. Wreath We will wait for you!!

Nuria's Mother of God Festival in Vall de Núria


Enjoy the great variety of proposals that are made for one of the most important days of the valley, for the Mother of God of Núria! One more year you will…

Saint Gil's Day in Vall de Núria


Enjoy Nuria's big day, the shepherds' festival! A traditional festival that commemorates the stay of this saint in the valley. The night before the festival of…

Summer festivities in Castellar de n'Hug

Castellar de n'Hug

Castellar de n'Hug offers you a lot of activities to spend August as entertaining. Check the schedule!!

The Cervera Coven


One more year the city of Cervera will celebrate the new edition of El Aquelarre de Cervera. The events will be spread over the weekend, starting on Friday night…

L'Estany party in Puigcerdà


The L'Estany Festival marks the end of the summer season in Puigcerdà. A lot of activities await you, are you going to miss it?

Brotherhood Party in Ogassa


Ogassa awaits you in one of the most traditional festivals that it organizes throughout the year. Guided tour, concert and more await you!! Check the schedule!

San Roque, villa vote in Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar

Already a few days ago in the village of Arenys de Mar rumor has it that "the plague returns!". A cry that could not be heard since the end of the 16th century.…

Mercadal del Conde Guifré in Ripoll


The Mercat del Conde Guifré to Ripoll is an annual event in which citizens have the opportunity to travel back in time to medieval times. As usual, the historic…

Snow Festival in Pla de Santa Maria

El Pla de Santa Maria

Tradition says that at this time the Plan of Santa María suffered terrible hailstorms that spoiled, year after year, the vine crops. Legend has it that the…

Feast of Santa Ana in Santpedor


Santpedor has devoted one more year to the celebration of the feast of Santa Ana, the patron saint of the town. Without losing the essence of the festival, a program…

Carmen Festival in Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar

Come and enjoy the Fiesta del Carmen in Arenys de Mar! Check all the programming!

Feast of the harvest and the beat of Avià


Every second Sunday of July a group of reapers of Avià (Berguedà) holds a party that aims to pay homage to the figure of the farmer by recalling the…

Festivities of the Mother of God of Virtues in El Albiol


The Albiol has everything ready so you can enjoy the Virgen de las Virtudes Festival. Check all the programming. Are you going to miss it?

Cajón de Sastre Health Meeting

Sant Feliu de Llobregat

We already have here the XXV edition of the Aplec de la Salud organized by Cajón de Sastre. It will be done on Monday , May 24 and recovers   do it…

Encounter of the Besses in Cervià de les Garrigues

Cervià de les Garrigues

As is tradition, Cervià de les Garrigues celebrates a new edition of the Aplec de las Besses, with popular food and traditional games to spend a great day.

Spring Tasting in Alcanar


Alcanar has prepared a cultural program to replace the town's traditional May Festivities. During a whole weekend various activities are proposed, all of them following…

We are Commerce Party in Balaguer


On Saturday, July 4, the Balaguer shop will celebrate the Somos Comercio party; with music, shows and many surprises, the city's new trade campaign will also be…

Festival of rice harvest in Amposta


Amposta welcomes the traditional rice festivities in the Lago restaurant year after year. In June, the plantón, where visitors are offered to participate…

Festivities of Santa Tecla in Tarragona


Tarragona celebrates, once again, the fiestas of Santa Tecla in honor of its patron saint. This 2014 will take place from the 14th to the 24th of September. As…

Fiestas del Tura in Olot


The Fiestas del Tura in the city of Olot are considered one of the most important major festivals in the regions of Girona and by extension throughout Catalonia.…

Indianos Fair in Begur


The traditional Fair of Indians of Begur celebrates a new edition with a program full of very varied and interesting activities. The fair celebrates the intense…

Festival of the Phylloxera of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

The Filoxera Festival has a prelude on September 7 at night, just after the traditional fire castle of the Fairs and Festivals in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. The…

The Blessed Bread Festival El Vendrell

El Vendrell

The first weekend of July is the starting shot of the festivities of Pan Bendito, of the Fiestas de los Barrios of El Vendrell. With a liturgical origin, it is…


Rocallaura, the perfect place to disconnect from the world and…

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Couple on the run: a perfect couples getaway in Rocallaura

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Visit to the Castle of Hostalric


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Nautical Tourism - Balearic Islands / Costa Brava / Costa Dorada

Escola Nàutica Centre de Navegants (Badalona)

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890,00 € 390,00 €


Cycle Cool off in Sant Julià de Ramis

29/06/2022 ...

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Major Festival of Canet de Mar

22/06/2022 - 29/06/2022 ...

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