The Aquelarre of Cervera

The Aquelarre of Cervera

The last Saturday in August, Cervera celebrates one of the most unique festivals and more followers of Catalunya, the Coven. This term comes from the Basque language (aker means "goat" and larre, "field") and refers to an evening meeting of witches with a very special guest, the devil. In order to obtain supernatural powers from him, this ritual has been performed for centuries throughout Europe. However, despite this, the coven never been permitted by the authorities so far.

The Legend

The term of "coven" or "coven" has very different meanings according to the criteria that you look. While Judeo-Christian religions identify the goat with Satan, paganism relates it to the Greek fertility god, Pan Unfortunately, the Inquisition was the punishing arm of the Catholic Church and, as such, addressed to the members of covens they were tortured to death. Notably covens continue to perform today in some neopagan religions.

L'Cervera Coven (Coven edat mitjana bruixes) What is clear is that in the Middle Ages, it was frowned upon for women to gather together at night, let alone to dance and have fun without any control, because at that time the freedom of women was scarce, not say no. It is possible that all the legends surrounding the coven, which are many, they were created by the beliefs of the time, which helped women to suggestion to the point of believing everything so the accused.

Another common myth is the ratio of witches with warts. This is explained by the idea that the devil provided them with a fake nipple to nurse their own hell. This would teat wart in question. In addition, these devils often acquired an animal form, which explains that witches suelan accompanied by black cats, owls and crows.

The witches and the devil

Traditionally, witches have been submitted as a women engaged in an evil power and are always associated with the devil. However, there is also the view that witches accumulate great wisdom because of his age and experience.

L'Coven Cervera (Cervera akelarre bruixes i dimonis) The devil, through our tradition, has always presented to us as an evil being. This is because religion has taken the devil figure with Satan or Lucifer. Though there are cultures that present him as a wise supernatural spirit, but without this malicious look.

And the union of the two figures, the devil and witches, can not think without tripping with sex. The relationship between these three elements may have originated in the use of substances used by witches to achieve ecstasy during their meetings with the devil. Because of the danger posed taken orally, the witches administered vaginally or anally with dildos. For this reason these meetings have always related to sexual positions.

The Devil's Advocate

L'Cervera Coven (Coven pacte diable) According to some legends feature, deal with the devil was a relatively normal occurrence during the Middle Ages. It was a pact between a person and the demon which allowed deny the Christian god, you get a unrequited love, quench the desire for wealth or for power, in exchange for being spared any divine punishment. OK this covenant, but had implicit consequence: to give soul to the devil.

Given these characteristics, this agreement was not between equals and, very often, the person who was part of this agreement the branded witch. As could be prosecuted and, at certain times, even be burned.

So being called witch or warlock meant not only have a certain power to have it's own virtues but through the help of someone to take them, but the latter was not important.

Origins of Coven Cervera

L'Coven Cervera (Cervera coven carrero bruixes) Its beginnings date back to 1978, when a group of young people decided to throw a party in honor called "Dead Witch" of Cervera , an alley of the thirteenth century, according to legend, was the meeting place of witches during full moon nights.

Since then, each end of August the city is wrapped in a set of medieval parades, dances and shows of light, color and music, correfocs, magic sessions and many other activities, all focused on worshiping the star of the party, Lucifer .

The University of Cervera

The University of Cervera date of the first half of the eighteenth century. It is a rectangular and majestic building is located near the Jewish quarter of the city.

L'Coven Cervera (Cervera university of coven) Born from the hands of Felipe V, who wants to reward the city with a university after having deleted the other seven who had ( Barcelona , Lleida , Girona , Tarragona , Tortosa , Vic and Solsona ).

The architects that were conducted Francisco Soriano and Miguel Marin, marking the trend of each year in which they were in charge. Francisco Soriano out of the stone facade and the Baroque style. De Miguel Marin, find inner neoclassical facade with Ionic pediment.

The building has two square yards, during the celebrations of the coven, are used as space for stallholders and vendors, brightening and complementing the activities of the party itself.

The University of Cervera is where the party's hand Great Goat Fair (Fira Grand Boc), which aims to provide a space for all kinds of public holidays during the three starts. The halls and classrooms of the institution are inundated with stalls where you can find natural, craft, textiles and food products. Of course, you can not miss esoteric professional tarot or alternative therapies, among others.

The Coven Cervera

Although the show themed Coven varies each year, retains some traditional aspects focused in three acts preceded by a firework i ended by a dance of devils: Dancing Dragon Cock or Cervera, Devils Dance and Grand Foqueral.

L'Coven Cervera (ball cock coven of Cervera)
L'Coven Cervera (Cervera coven)
L'Coven Cervera (Cervera escorreguda coven)

Also in the town sleeps 6 concerts of different styles with a total of 18 participating bands are organized.

First act

The first act consists of the Descent of the Devils (Devils dels Aixada B), when the University of Cervera opens its doors for correfocs go around the city to reach the square Raco Cal. Once there, the funny dancing Polla, the oldest dragon feast (dating from 1984) which is always dressed in blue cells.

Second act

In the square Cal Raco, former convent of Santo Domingo, is where the expected appearance of the Goat, accompanied by the Dancing Devils (Devils Ball) will occur. This second act is undoubtedly the most excitement and challenge originates from the artistic directors, who must pass the previous editions. The devil has come years dress in various ways, such as with apocalyptic style, or on a Harley Davidson or a float.

Third act

Finally, the last act the Corrida (Escorreguda), an orgy centered sexuality, carnal pleasures and the devil incarnate, where everything is permitted occurs. Excited by witches and sensual dances, the demon makes a stunning ejaculation on the public, turning night into a foam party to the beat of the music and the Devils.

When all have been blessed by Lucifer, the devils gather to celebrate the Great Foqueral, at which point all hell simulating fireworks in your state more oil is burned.

L'Coven Cervera (Cervera aquelarret of nens coven) But the Coven is not just for the enjoyment of adults. For small the Aquelarret where they quote them suitable workshops and organized activities. As players are too, can play their own foam party and the parade aimed at younger demons by the city center. Yes, costumes are made ??by themselves.

However, the party is not over. In recent years, the last day of hell gather outside the doors of college to celebrate any devil or devil has suffered serious injuries during the ceremony. After the college closed doors and thus ending the party. The demon then can finally rest, but only until next year.

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