Tree Festival in Viladrau

23/03/2024 - 24/03/2024

Viladrau celebrates the Tree Festival once again!

Perhaps many people do not know it, but the Tree Festival is a Catalan initiative that is more than 100 years old.

Faced with the alarming deforestation that Catalonia was suffering at the end of the 19th century, the forestry engineer Rafael Puig i Valls promoted an innovative project where the school, supported by the city councils and the political and social establishments, and the children as protagonists, became the true promoters of a new society concerned about its environment.

The first Educational Tree Festival was held in Sant Joan de les Abadesses in 1899.

In 1900, at the first International Forestry Congress, held in Paris, and the proposal of Puig i Valls, the celebration of the Tree Festival in all European countries was unanimously accepted. Alfonso XIII, by royal decree, implemented the celebration of the festival in all the towns and schools of the Spanish State.

Viladrau was the first municipality in Catalonia to join the celebration of the centenary of the Tree Festival. Since that moment it has been carried out uninterruptedly.

The School, the school's AMPA, the Town Hall, the Music School and other town Associations participate in the organization of the Viladrau Tree Festival in a coordinated manner. Maintaining the philosophy in which it was created, the Viladrau Tree Festival combines educational activities with recreational activities:

  • Educational outing to work on an environmental topic about our forests.
  • Educational work in the classroom and editing of a book based on the students' work.
  • Leisure and cultural festival with the participation of villagers and visitors: parliaments, distribution of the edited script, cultural activities, musical performances, plantada and vermouth. A complete Tree Festival.

Do not miss it!

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Taradell (a 9.3 Km)

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Arbúcies (a 10.8 Km)

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Guies Arania - Guies de muntanya i barrancs

Balenyà (a 13.3 Km)

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Associació del Via Crucis Vivent

Sant Hilari Sacalm (a 10.3 Km)

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Braseria Les Comes

L’Esquirol (a 22 Km)

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Where to sleep

Fundesplai, Cases de Colònies

(a 11.1 Km)

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Càmping La Balma

Espinelves (a 3.2 Km)

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