The Patum of Berga

The Patum of Berga

The celebration of the feast of Corpus for excellence in Berguedà has a name: the Patum.

Some say it is a holiday that can not be explained in words, it's a feeling and as such, you have to live. It is also said that the notice on the skin bergadanes approaching party, which vibrates within himself tabal sound (drum) approaching, eyes sparkling as the holiday approaches.

Not everyone believes it. Not everyone feels it. But they try bergadanes proclaim to the four winds and from one year to another do the countdown to re-notice the look of each of the groups, to feel the smell of gunpowder, sweat, clematis and, as , the barreja (typical drink).

Everyone is welcome, just come to the Plaza Sant Pere Corpus week. The party invited to see a hell full of fire in the Plaça de Sant Pere.

Origins of Patum

Salt of maces of Berga Patum The origin comes from the interludes Patum parading in ancient processions of Corpus parties. His goal was to educate people in the Scriptures, but was gradually losing that sense, because people was part of it, rather, by his playful side. And, these interludes, institutions are turning into their own and were gaining prominence in processions.

So much so, that was finished brewing a new party called Bulla or Bullicia the Blessed Sacrament, which was the name by which it was known, in the beginning, the feast of the Patum. With all this, we find ourselves in the middle of the fourteenth century.

The celebration of this festival seems to have occurred in various towns in Catalonia, but only Berga was able to maintain it and keep it, despite the many prohibitions suffered over the centuries.

The extras

The Patum has different troupes. Now we present all the elements essential to the development of the party.

The Tabal: not considered as a parade itself, as it is the harbinger of the party and the initial instrument festive representation.

The twine big of Berga Patum

The T URCS and Caballets: four Turks and four Christian knights represent the struggle between Cross and Crescent just always winning the Horses.

The Maces: represent the struggle between Good and Evil, and do so in the hands of the angels and demons. Originally part the same representation as the Plens.

Los Angeles: are considered as a separate entity, but always been linked to the representation of Mazas. Initially, San Miguel was the only angel of the troupe, but later joined a helper.

The Gita is a figure with dragon head, giraffe neck, body and tail of a horse mule. In the early days there was only one party, known as Gita Grossa, but later joined the Gita or Gita Xica Boja.

The Àliga: when the eagle comes to the square starts to silence to dance with complete solemnity to the authorities.

Salt Patum d'Aquila of Berga

The Nans Vells (big heads) are four figures with long hair and a hat cocked to dance to popular music and play castanets.

The Giants: currently there are two pairs of giants, the New and the Old. Represent Muslims defeated former warlords who dance to Catalan folk dances.

The Nans New: were built to replace Old nans, but were restored and have lived together for years. The are two couples: one young and one old. His music is among the most popular of the party.

The Plens: are the most spectacular Patum with ecstasy They live end of the party, the square becomes hell with the figures that are full of "fuets" (firecrackers), hence its name.

The Tirabol: a parade is not considered as such, but represents the end point of the Patum. It is the climax where Guites Giants and dance together with all the crowd in the square to dismiss the party.

The child Patum

Berga child patum Not only are the major participants in the party. In Berga neglects no children and, while also attending Patum "the greatest", children make their own Patum.

Its origin comes from the desire to play Patum and the ability of parents to build elements that made it possible to play. Thus, participation was increasing until it reached the point where they established their involvement in Corpus party on Friday.

The child Patum symbolizes the participation of children at the party already started on the experience and feeling of their representation.

The Patum, Heritage

In November 2005, the Patum was declared a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The purpose of this statement is to recognize and protect oral traditions and expressions, performing arts, social practices, rituals and festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe and traditional craftsmanship.

The Patum and Berga

Mural Patum of Berga The rest of the year, Berga continue mindful of your party. In fact, as soon as a visitor enters the town of Berga a huge logo of The Patum it receives in the form of metal in one of the roundabouts. Similarly, anyone who walks down Main Street underfoot discovers a series of slabs representing different images of the Patum extras. Once in the Plaza Sant Pere, comments that it seems incredible that so many people fit in that space. And, once it passes through the small square, the old hospital or Doctor's Lounge just lift my head to enjoy a magnificent mosaic where in detail and color are the groups of the party.

And, of course, you can not go to Berga without visiting the Museum Patum and know the project Patum House.

But if all this is not enough, the Board of the Berga Patum Patum has created the brand under which the host, among other things, the typical barreja, cookies, wine, stories, jewelry, scarves, key chains, fuets (sausage ), figures, chocolates, etc..

The celebrations of the Patum

The dates of the festival are a function Patum calendar and always held in the week of Corpus, but parallel events may change.

Sunday before a week of Corpus:

  • The four fuets

Wednesday Corpus:

  • Pass
  • Parade with jumps and Tirabols

Corpus Thursday:

  • Launching rockets and past
  • High Mass
  • Patum to shine
  • Sardanas
  • Concert and sardanas
  • Solemn Vespers
  • Full patum
  • Sardanas

Friday Corpus:

  • Patum old child
  • Mass
  • Child to shine patum
  • Children's drawing contest
  • Full child patum

Saturday Corpus:

  • Pass
  • High Mass
  • Titles of honor Patumaire and Patumaire
  • Sardanas
  • Concerts
  • Parade with jumps and Tirabols

Sunday Corpus:

  • Launching rockets and past
  • High Mass
  • Patum to shine
  • Sardanas
  • Concert and sardanas
  • Full patum
  • Sardanas

Other acts:

  • Patum Concert
  • National Contest sardanas groups
  • Patum Piety Street
  • Patum of Santa Maria de Queralt Llar
  • Exhibition Patum cartels

Turcs Patum i caballets of Berga

Salt of maces of Berga Patum

Nans Patum Vells of Berga

Gegants Patum nous of Berga

Nous nans Salt of the Patum of Berga

Salt of the Patum plens Berga

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