Learn about the Catalan medieval legacy

Learn about the Catalan medieval legacy

The Middle Ages in Catalonia comprise a stage as extensive as it is diverse. Following the traditional canons, the Middle Ages began in 417 with the disappearance of the Western Roman Empire and ended in 1492 with the discovery of America.

The political vacuum left by the Roman Empire was filled, in the Iberian Peninsula by the Visigoth kingdom. It was then that Barcino, the current Barcelona, became an episcopal see and acquired a certain notoriety. But the Arab invasion of the peninsula was a period of about 100 years of Muslim rule, until Charlemagne organized campaigns to conquer Girona and Barcelona.

A series of counties of obedience to the Carolingian Empire began to be established , but in time they dissociated themselves from the Franks and became de facto independent. From that moment on, the Catalan counties progressively achieved their own legal personality, associated with a specific geographical context. From the 11th to 12th centuries, the era of splendor in medieval Catalonia began and the centuries of maximum territorial expansion throughout the Mediterranean.

Catalonia progressively reaches its own legal personality. It is the period in which Catalan was born as a language differentiated from Latin and from the other Romance languages, while enjoying its maximum splendor as a literary and official language, both in Catalan counties and the Crown of Aragon.

Currently from end to end of Catalonia we find good examples of this historical period, military, civil, religious buildings or medieval works of art, among many others.

Route of the medieval bridges of the Vall de Cardós

Nature immersed in a landscape of high mountain, with virgin blows, and sautéed with charming traditional Pyrenean villages are the elements that make up…

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Ruta Medieval in Bages

Manresa, the city repopulated Around the year 785 what we now know as Manresa was no man's land. Previously it had been occupied by Arabs and, after various conflicts,…

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Walking by stone villages of Gerona

We have made a selection of medieval villages that are exactly in the counties of Girona, La Garrotxa and Baix Empordà, that you adentréis and be…

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Land of Tramuntana

The Tallada d'Empordà The Tallada d'Empordà was a fortified town of which important remains are preserved. It is worth highlighting six towers and…

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The legend of Count Arnau

Count Count Arnau or Mataplana Many legends of Count Arnau are located in the town of Gombrèn and their environment. Natural spaces and corners of this population…

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Route for Bellver de Cerdanya

Approaching the village, from afar, we see there, high above the plain of Cerdanya. It does not take a great strategist to conclude that that mountain, known as…

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Route of the medieval castles near the Gaia river

A tour of the castles of the river Gaia The Gaia is one of the rivers running through the region of Tarragona, in particular comaras atravisea the Alt Camp, Conca…

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The Medieval architecture of the Empordà

Vulpellac It is a municipality of the Baix Empordà, centered by the old Vulpellac castle of Romanesque style, recently restored. Attached to the castle is…

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Route through the historic center of Gironella

The tour submerges the visitor to know the old part of Gironella; starting with the crossing of the Llobregat River through the Old Bridge - the oldest access in…

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The Jewish Girona

Inside the Call The Jews settled in Gerona between the tenth and fourteenth l beside Cathedral and the Calle de la Força current before Sant Llorenç…

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Medieval Route in Monblanc by Sant Jordi

The legend of Saint George and the relationship with Montblanc Montblanc , the capital of the region of Conca de Barbera, is a municipality, par excellence, medieval.…

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Walking by Tivissa

Tivissa Talk of Tivissa means talking about a very old town, including its name might already come from the language of the Iberians, which Thiviers issa mean "hill…

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From San Ramon to Cervera, crossing the southern Segarra

Sanctuary of San Ramon Nonato To start we went to the Sanctuary of San Ramon, we have to do to get through the transverse axis (C-25) and take exit 93 in San Ramon.…

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Condal Pyrenees: a tour of the medieval Catalan identity

North Route Day 1: Empúries County We begin this extensive route in Sant Pere de Rodes ( Alt Empordà ), exactly in his monastery, one of the best…

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Monestir de Sant Cugat

Sant Cugat del Vallès

In the center of the city, in Octaviano square, we find the…

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Roman sunsets in Guissona


Los Atardeceres a la romana is a program of cultural and recreational events, centered on the Roman era, that take place during the week prior to the Guissona Roman…

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Medieval Market of Viladecans


A new edition of the Medieval Market of Viladecans comes loaded with new proposals for activities. If in the XXI century you want to know what the medieval lifestyle…

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Medieval Market in Hospitalet de l'Infant

Vandellòs i l'Hospitalet de l'Infant

Hospitalet de l'Infant will host a new edition of the Medieval Market, in the surroundings of the old town and the Gothic hospital. It has a hundred stalls, where…

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Medieval Cubelles Fair


The old town of Cubelles is transformed into a medieval village with all the details! Spend a weekend to remember in Cubelles at the Medieval Fair. Activities for…

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Medieval Recreation in the Castle of Ciutadilla


The month of May returns the medieval recreation in the Castle of Ciutadilla! All acts are free!  

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Harpy, Balaguer Medieval


This act has been postponed. Balaguer returns to its medieval past through the Harpy Fair, Balaguer Medieval. You will find a very complete program with all kinds…

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Cathar festival and medieval market in Bagà


Bagà prepares for the most recognized medieval event in the whole region that brings together activities, fights, concerts, music, theater workshops and…

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Medieval Market of Vic


The streets of the historic center of Vic will return one more year to the medieval period. For 5 days, the city becomes the ideal setting to recreate the medieval…

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Medieval Fair Castrum Fidelis de Castelldefels


Of medieval inspiration and in combination with the traditional Winter Festival, it has the following activities: The Local Trade Fair is held, as usual, in the…

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Feast of Light and Hoe Fair


As every year, Manresa celebrates, the Fiesta de la Luz and the Feria de la Azada. The Hoe Fair will fill the streets of the old town with artisans and masters…

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Medieval Fair of Hostalric


This event makes, year after year, during Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Holy Week, Hostalric becomes a medieval town with a large market, characters and activities…

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Medieval fair in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

The Medieval Fair of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda is here. For two days we will travel to the Medieval Age with lots of proposals, games and activities for the…

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Medieval Market of Creixell


Creixell hosts a new edition of the Medieval Market, coinciding with Holy Week and understood as an activity of tourist promotion of the important municipality…

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Land of Troubadour Medieval Festival of Castelló d'Empúries

Castelló d'Empúries

The Land of Troubadours Festival of Castelló d'Empúries is one of the first cultural festivals of historical atmosphere in Catalonia and is the most…

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Amposta Market Festival


Between shawls and skirts, between carts and horses, between songs and dances, a new edition of La Fiesta del Mercado in the Plaza de Amposta returns this year…

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Bones Exhibition at the Museo de la Noguera


The exhibition "Bones" is opened to the public at the Museo de la Noguera de Balaguer, a trip to medieval times by anthropology. An exhibition that brings us closer…

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Medieval Festival Sancti Felicis in Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Sant Feliu de Llobregat

The cultural association of Sant Feliu de Llobregat Cajón de Sastre is preparing a series of activities for the next edition of the Sancti Felicis festival,…

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Medieval Fair in Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna

During the Medieval Fair on Avenida del Mar, Santa Susanna returns to medieval times and its historic center is full of cabins, craftsmen and merchants with a medieval…

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Medieval Fair of Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar

During the Medieval Fair, Lloret returns to medieval times and its historic center is full of cabins, craftsmen and merchants with a medieval setting full of circus,…

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Feast of King Jaime I in Salou


Salou and the Salouenses remember, year after year, the feat done by King James I: the conquest of Mallorca. During the festival, the previous events that took…

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Giveaway: Check Km0 Slow Food at El Dien Restaurant

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Adventure and active tourism returns to the regions of Lleida

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Draw: Catalonia in miniature

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Femturisme for the Florid Villas of Catalonia

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Three award-winning cheese factories that we can not miss Llobregat…

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