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The Milan House (1906-1912) is a building built by the architect Antoni Gaudí commissioned by Pere Milà and Roser Segimon. The name of the building, "Casa Milà", is due to this fact, it was the new residence of the Milan family. The marriage occupy the main floor and rented the rest of the houses.

Casa Milà is Antoni Gaudí's most emblematic civil building, both for its constructive and functional innovations and for its ornamental and decorative solutions. It is a total work of art.

Visit La Pedrera and you will enter the world of Antoni Gaudí. You will discover first-hand how nature is the origin and inspiration of the building.

Casa Milà, known as La Pedrera, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the architect's last civil work. A unique building, a masterpiece of nature where Gaudí's imagination can be deeply understood.

La Pedrera is also the only Gaudí interpretation center in Barcelona, essential to discover all the work of the architect and his inspiration. In total you will visit 4,500 m2 spread over five floors.

With this visit you will be able to explore at your leisure, and with a complete audio guide, the following spaces of the building: the iconic rooftop of the warriors and its spectacular skylights and chimneys; the attic of the whale, with the Gaudí exhibition; the neighbors' apartment that recreates the life of a Barcelona bourgeois family in the first third of the 20th century; the patio of flowers and the patio of butterflies and the floor of the Milan family that houses the exhibition hall.

Visit La Pedrera during the day and you will live the experience of entering magical spaces where Gaudí's natural inspiration is evident in every corner.

La Pedrera Accessible: an inclusive tourism experience

Everyone is welcome at Casa Milà. The Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera celebrates the diversity of capacities and needs of the visiting public and offers a variety of programs and services that guarantee that La Pedrera is accessible.

Assistance dogs are welcome throughout the building.

physical accessibility

The visit to La Pedrera is accessible to wheelchair users. There are elevators and ramps that connect the different floors.

The patios, the Piso de La Pedrera (Epoch Floor) and the Gaudí space (located in the Attic), can be visited without any problems.

El Terrat, despite being a space with many slopes, can be visited thanks to the lift and a platform just outside the exit. From there you can enjoy a general view of the roof terrace.

The exhibition hall is accessed by elevator from the entrance, through the courtyard of Passeig de Gràcia. Inside the room there is a lift of stairs to access the reception hall.

communicative accessibility

The Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera aims to guarantee access to cultural content under equal conditions. For this reason, La Pedrera also offers a series of sensory resources whose objective is to facilitate the understanding of the exhibition contents and integrate audiences.

Through the program La Pedrera Accesible, sensory resources have been introduced in the field of the museum space and in the contents of the programming of cultural activities. Such as interpretation in Catalan Sign Language (LSC) and live subtitling (SPS) in different acts, or audio descriptions of shows for the blind or visually impaired audience.

cognitive accessibility

The Foundation has taken another step to also serve groups of people with cognitive disabilities and who have support needs for understanding.

A large part of the Foundation's resources and services are used to improve the quality of life of people with Alzheimer 's disease.

In the temporary exhibitions at La Pedrera we offer a proposal for visits and cognitive stimulation activities that promote socialization and memory stimulation before, during and after the visit. With the collaboration of neuropsychologists, who are familiar with the groups and their needs, pieces or topics that are likely to be more attractive to work on language, orientation and reminiscence, among others, are selected.

These resources, created for the participants of the Fundació's REMS program, are also made available to associations and caregivers or family members of people with Alzheimer's, foundations specializing in cognitive impairment that run day centers and residences that have socialization programs to facilitate inclusion and creative use of leisure.

More information

The novelties of the La Pedrera Accesible program are published in a section of the La Pedrera website:

Activities for schools and institutes

La Pedrera, one of the most representative buildings of the city of Barcelona and of Catalan Modernism, following the transgressive spirit with which it was created, combines its educational program with activities and spaces that aim to stimulate creativity and innovation, and offers a new way to approach history.


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