Route through the historic center of Gironella

Route through the historic center of Gironella

The route through the historic center ofGironella is a tourist resource for learning about local heritage that follows a marked circular route. The historical route is done on foot and is self-guided, so it is essential to have a mobile phone to read the QR code printed on each monolith. We start!

r198_gironella_carrers The tour immerses the visitor to discover the old part of Gironella; beginning with the crossing of the river Llobregat through the Old Bridge -the oldest access in the medieval town-. Once you enter the alleys, going up the stairs to the left, you will find the old Gironella prison that forms the second point of the tour, where people accused of witchcraft, debtors, criminals had been imprisoned and which served as a dungeon until the middle of the last century.

r198_gironella_esglesia Next to the prison, you will find the Tower of Homage, part of the visible infrastructure of the disappeared Gironella castle where the different baronies and lords of Gironella had the main dependencies and where the people took the most important oaths. Next, you will go up the stairs and you will find the old Church of Santa Eulalia, the Romanesque and Gothic religious temple of the city until the 19th century. The imposing new Church of Santa Eulalia is just behind and was built in different phases during the 19th and 20th centuries, when the bell tower was finished.

Continuing along maestro Font Parera street and then along Paso de la wall street you will find the Torre del Amo de Cal Metro, the historicist infrastructure that was the dependency of the lords of the textile colony that rests under its feet. Following the wall in the direction of Plaza de la Villa, you will come across the vision of the "new town of Gironella", the nucleus of houses that developed outside the walls with the arrival of the train, now disappeared in the 19th century.

r198_gironella_plaça The seventh point of the tour is made up of the Teixidor-Bassacs main house, the residence of the couple, the ground floor of what was a small loom industry until they acquired the land and began to build the Cal Bassacs textile colony, which later they bequeathed children of the marriage. In addition, the Torre del Amo stands out from the textile colony, which is a modernist architectural jewel, the roof is the work of Antoni Gaudí. In the same town square, you can see the remains of the Gironella Castle on the far right, which are currently dependencies of the municipality's Town Hall, the building that was built on top of it due to serious damage caused by the different fires that it suffered throughout the years. the history.

From the remains of the castle, you can also see the Clock Tower, an addition to the 1932 Tower of Homage that the Republican town council decided to build so that residents could receive the hours from the raised clock instead of the church bell tower. Going down through the award-winning elevator that emulates a textile chimney and that connects the historic center with the Cal Metro promenade, as a measure of accessibility, you will find the Gironella wall, the protective wall of the medieval town.

In total, then, the historical route consists of 9 heritage points:

  1. Old Bridge
  2. the prison
  3. The Homage Tower and Clock Tower
  4. The old Church of Santa Eulalia
  5. The new Church of Santa Eulalia
  6. Tower of the Master
  7. Manor house Teixidor-Bassacs
  8. the castle
  9. The wall

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