Castle-hare and Roc de Rumbau in Peramola

Castle-hare and Roc de Rumbau in Peramola

This route is a circular itinerary that begins and ends in the town of Peramola. You leave the town following the path that passes through the Rosario Chapel. On the left the path that leads to the Hostal del Boix begins, passing by the old house of Nerola.

From the main door of the hostel, on the right, you advance on a track that soon crosses the stream of the Fuente Viva, the name given to the upper part of the Rumbau stream, and goes up the opposite slope to follow the part down from the Roc de Rumbau.

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Roc de Rumbau

On the right you can see a series of fields known as the Artillery of the Rock. The track maintains a slight rise during this section of the route. To the left, the magnificent Rumbau wall plummets for more than 200 meters, delighting climbing enthusiasts.

Continuing along the path, just when you reach the last cultivated fields, a path begins to the left that, on a steep climb, leads to the rock paintings of the Rock of the Moors. It is one of the first signs of human presence in this region. Located in a cave and discovered in 1969, their study was published two years later in the journal Ilerda. It is a small set of schematic paintings dating from 6500-3500 BC.

Castle-hare and the Segre valley

Back on the track it doesn't take long to spot Santa María de Castillo-Hare. Located on a rocky spur, this building, already mentioned in documents from the year 942, consists of a nave covered with a barrel vault and reinforced by two transverse arches. The apse has a semicircular base and has two double-flow windows. The bell tower has a square base with two floors that protrude above the nave and mullioned windows on the four winds.


It reaches a hill where, on the right, you go to Castillo-Hare, and on the left you continue to climb. If you choose to go to the hermitage, you can understand the reason for its situation, dominating the Segre valley.

The road gains height quickly and it does not take long to reach a new neck. The view is breathtaking. Opposite, the walls of the Aubenç mountain range. At its feet the foothills of the mountain with the reed beds, Jou and El Salvador. Below the cut caused by the Cauba ravine.

Sierra de Aubenç and the house of reed beds

On the path to the left, closed by a chain, you keep going up. You enter the ravine of the Fuente de los Coms. Without leaving this old track, which the vegetation is turning into a path, you reach the ridge that connects the Roc de Rumbau with Sant Honorat. At this point are the remains of the old house in the Sierra. A signpost indicates the route to access the top of Rumbau (991 meters). It is worth going up and enjoying the view over Peramola and the Tragó and Oliana plain. A little further away you can see the Rialb reservoir. Turning 180 degrees you can see La Roca del Corb, with Montsec in the background, and Sant Honorat.

The Rock of Corb

r341_corb You have to go back to the Casa de la Sierra to follow the path that goes up the ridge to San Honorato. Pay attention to the left. A narrow path descends steeply towards the Clot de la Font Viva.

Once down, if you go to the right it does not take long to reach the place known as the Fuente Viva. It is a shady place, cool and rich in vegetation where the water that comes down the stream seems to play with the rocks, making small jumps and forming some Cadolles.

The Living Fountain

Returning to the last fork, and on the left, you will arrive at the Hostal del Boix, and in another half hour in Peramola.

Source: Peramola City Council

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