The legend of Count Arnau

The legend of Count Arnau

This month we invite you to gallop femTurisme lands of Count Arnau, tracing their exploits and fingerprints.

The legend of Count Arnau has become currently one of the most popular de Catalunya. Just as the quintessential Catalan myth and key figure of the origins of Catalonia.

Popular narratives have become known rather for their kindness and Weeds not portraying the Count Arnau as the example of the noble feudal liberties taken badly mistreating his subjects, seducing the ladies and defrauded the soldiers.

According to legends, this, as a result of sins committed, was condemned to wander the earth forever, even after his death. And many nights camp with your horse in the environment Gombrèn Township.

Ripollès Gombreny other peoples, as Campdevànol and Sant Joan de Abadesas are the places that most legends illustrate the Count Arnau, which establish a common thread in the route. Do you urge to know these places and the link established with this character?


Count Count Arnau or Mataplana

Many legends of Count Arnau are located in the town of Gombrèn and their environment.

Natural spaces and corners of this population Ripollès saved, for years, a large number of secrets of this legendary character.

Mataplana Castell (Comte Arnau) In Gombrèn is located the Museum of Count Arnau, it is advisable to visit before starting the route in order to introduce and familiarize ourselves with this character. This manor is located in the culture of the people and houses a collection of objects found in the excavations of the Castle Mataplana.

Mataplana Castle became the home of Count Arnau. This, however, belonged formerly to the Mataplana, one of the most important noble families in the area and the medieval Catalonia.

Today, the castle is in ruins Mataplana but they allow review and imagine the life of Count Arnau. As well as enjoying the landscape elements of this corner of Catalonia.

On the way to the castle, where you get the direction to the Shrine of Montgrony, we find the Gorg dels Banyuts Garfull the gully.

It is said in this natural space where the spirit of Count Arnau out of hell with his horse surrounded by fire when the day ends and dark.

"A restraint of blat per each esglaó" - "A measure of corn for every step"

Montgrony Sanctuary "A restraint of blat per each esglaó". Is this precisely what Count Arnau promised to workers who were commissioned to build the flights of stairs to access the chapel of the Virgin and Montgrony Sanctuary. The legend ends with the failure of the promise of Count Arnau. The route Mataplana Castle provinente take us to this place.

Montgrony Sanctuary is almost 1,400 meters and stairs on the rock escarbadas, according to legend, vassals of Count Arnau allow access to both spaces, the first installment to the chapel of the Virgin and the second to the sanctuary.

Near this sanctuary and the shelter of the mountain forest where they are located (mountain of Sant Pere de Montgrony) is Forat de Sant Ou.

This peak, according to legend, the Count Arnau used as passageway for access to the Monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, crossing the town of Campdevànol . It has a depth of 74 meters and three meters wide.

The Castle of the Ladies

Gombrèn At the top of the cliffs that are located near the town of Gombrèn are the ruins of the castle of Blancafort which is also known as the Castle of the Ladies.

It is said that in this place there were a hundred ladies and nuns who suffered the perversions of the noble family of Count Arnau.

This castle was built by the Earl grandmother, Blanche d'Hug. And it is believed that it was the site of the scene between Count Arnau and his wife, as the song narrates, since this, after the earl died, she went to live at Castle Blancafort.

We arrive at this space from Gombrèn Guardiola following the road and going to the track that goes to the neighborhood of the Palomeres. You have to follow the direction to the hermitage of Sant Francesc and Can Pomarell.

On the other hand, 750 meters from the castle, to the west, are the remains of the farmhouse Can Rogall or Rogai. In this hid Count women who were in a state of pregnancy until giving birth to the baby.

The caves of Count Arnau

Sant Pere d'Auira Returning to Gombrèn , the route continues towards the town of Campdevànol (GI-401), just as it did mine, cave or hole that opened between these two peoples up to Sant Joan de les Abadesses .

Reaching Campdevànol you have to follow the trail that leads to the shrine of Saint Christopher and railway. This track will take us to a peak where we can see the caves of Count Arnau riscal located in Sant Pere d'Auira that according to popular voices allowed to Count Arnau ambushing the Saracens. It is in this space, too, is believed to be the cave of Moltó.

Nevertheless, real spaces with magical component not end there. To finish the route we will go to the village of Sant Joan de les Abadesses .

The monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses

Monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses In Sant Joan de les Abadesses is where the character of Count Arnau is livelier.

The monastery of Sant Joan de Abadesas reminiscent of Count Arnau infatuation by the Abbess. This, every night, I would see resiguiendo the avenc. But this had its consequences. The failure to the Abbess vows Adelaisa behaved the expulsion of the Benedictine nuns.

Currently, in the Palace of the abbey is installed Myth Interpretation Centre of Count Arnau. Visit this space will allow us to understand the origin of Count Arnau and his adventures through the songs and legends, some of which have already been explained in this route.

Sant Joan de Crist Abadesas Furthermore, the municipality held every year during the months of July and August, the representations Cycle Count Arnau Myth. It lasts three weeks and starts with the representation of the legend in the cloister of the Monastery. Also coincide with this festival staged nightly visits are made in the historic center of town.

The legend of Count Arnau

There are many versions that tell the legend of Count Arnau, although this is considered to be part of a famous popular song. Nevertheless, the most popular narration is the poem created by Joan Maragall from which we quote an excerpt below.

Cant I

Timbals Els de l'air l'ofenen orgy
de l'early hour which addresses stored
I quietuds de l'air nit.

I Dalt's cavall assorted Count Arnau
carrying the white coat
i will veure l'abadessa
the convent of Sant Joan.

Els pastors, muntanyes pro les,
com guaiten Lluny tots passa;
tremolen pagesos tots els ...
"Count Arnau És"

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