Casa Batlló Barcelona

Passeig de Gràcia, 43 Barcelona

Casa Batlló is one of the most important works of Antoni Gaudí and his only house considered one hundred percent Modernist style.

This building, designed in 1877 by Emili Sala y Cortès, was bought in 1902 by textile entrepreneur Josep Batlló, who commissioned Gaudí to completely demolish the block of flats to build his home from scratch.

Gaudí convinced Mr. Batlló not to do the demolition and carry out a major renovation that lasted from 1904 to 1906. In this way they were able to take advantage of the foundations and structure, and gave a new life full of color and creativity to a building simple of Paseo de Gracia.

Casa Batlló stands out mainly for its facade where people find all kinds of representations: there are those who say that the house is a carnival, the balconies are the masks and the colored walls are the confetti; others say that the house represents the bottom of the sea and the balconies and columns are the bears of the animals that are dead. Others say that this is the dragon's house and the legend of Sant Jordi is represented both on the facade and inside , especially thanks to the colorful roof with large pieces of ceramics that seem to be the scales of a reptile pierced by a large cross of four arms that represents the sword of Sant Jordi.

But Casa Batlló is much more than its façade: in its interior we find original construction techniques that are not only decorative but also functional, and represent a milestone in terms of the possibilities of innovation that artisans had at that time. The creative universe of Gaudí revolved around nature, and it is in these rooms and the patio of lights where his great inspiration is best reflected.

The visit is currently done with an augmented reality videoguy that allows us to know how the Batlló family lived at the beginning of the 20th century and allows us to better understand the organic forms of the house and its functionalities.

Declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2005, Casa Batlló opens the doors 365 days a year with different types of visits so that everyone can enjoy this great work of the genius Antoni Gaudí.


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