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The Baix Llobregat Tourism Consortium, created in 2000, intervenes in regional tourism through a project with great prospects for the future. This is an initiative that is committed to the natural and cultural heritage, as well as the growing creation of new tourist infrastructures, with the aim of echoing the extraordinary diversity of the territory.

The Tourism Consortium means a great opportunity to improve the quality of the tourist offer in the region, to help people who are interested in promoting this activity and, in short, to rediscover the Baix Llobregat, a living region and surprising, which surely deserves more than one visit.

Main tourist attractions

Gaudí Crypt of Colonia Güell

Discover the Güell Colony and the Gaudí Crypt, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and one of Gaudí's most important works, located within a textile colony full of surprises just 20 minutes from Barcelona. La Crypt has recently won the award for sustainable cultural tourism destinations in Europe 2018.

The Crypt is the church with crooked columns, the laboratory of the Sagrada Familia and the work where the brilliant Catalan modernist architect Antoni Gaudí experimented with many architectural solutions.

At the same time contemplating the work of Gaudí, Colonia Güell offers the visitor the possibility of walking through the streets contemplating the most significant modernist constructions of the life of the colony and of great architectural interest. In addition, you can visit the Interpretation Center, located in the building of the old consumer cooperative, which has a permanent exhibition to understand the neighborhood as a whole and the church in particular.

Jujol Itinerary in Sant Joan Despí, Jujol Center - Visit Can Negre

In modernism, the modernist route of the work of Josep Maria Jujol in Sant Joan Despí also stands out. His colorful works do not go unnoticed, and in this city the architect found an oasis for his career, where he displayed all his talent and imagination with total freedom. That is why today you can admire the spectacular Can Negre farmhouse, the Torre de la Cruz, and a trail of small summer houses.

Viladecans The Style Outlets

Take the opportunity to do your Christmas shopping at the Viladecans The Style Outlets center! You will find everything you need to enjoy a unique experience.

Gavà Archaeological Park

How did they live, how were our ancestors 6,000 years ago? Live the experience in an innovative archaeological expedition in this unique site in Europe. A trip to prehistory, to understand the past and the present.

Considered one of the most important and unique heritage sites in our country, exploitation began 6,000 years ago, in the Neolithic, and will take a millennium. These are the oldest gallery mines in Europe and the only ones dedicated to the extraction of variscite, a mineral used to make ornaments that were exchanged in complex networks that spanned the western Mediterranean. Singular remains have also been recovered, such as the trepanned skull and the Venus of Gavà.

The Archaeological Park, created with the aim of preserving and disseminating this exceptional mining site, offers a unique experience in which the mining structures coexist with a modern museographic presentation, where the visitor can capture the magnitude of the site and learn, at the same time, the life system and the beliefs of our ancestors through advanced audiovisual and multimedia elements. A good part of the original pieces can be visited in the Gavà Museum.

Caves of Montserrat in Collbato

The Mountain of Montserrat hides in its interior an almost unknown underground world: the caves of Montserrat. It is enough to cross the threshold of the entrance to start a journey of about 500 meters full of corridors, corners and surprises following the most spacious and most beautifully decorated conduits by successive generations of speleothems (stalactites, stalagmites and columns). Tour enriched by expert guides who, in addition to explaining the characteristics and the result of the geological process that has shaped the cavity, will show us the habitat of the first settlers of Montserrat and take us into a world of stories and legends. As a novelty, the visit includes the viewing of a new video mapping.

Catalonia in Miniature and Adventure Circuit in Torrelles de Llobregat

Get to know the theme park for miniature models, one of the largest in the world with an open-air exhibition of the most emblematic monuments and buildings in Catalonia. You can also discover the Adventure Circuit, an authentic adventure activity at the height of the trees, between zip lines, lianas, walkways and many other surprises. The alternative you were looking for to spend a different and original day!

And this Christmas, come hunt for your Christmas uncle in Catalonia in Miniature, an experience that the little ones will always remember.

Other tourist attractions

  • Natural Areas of the Llobregat Delta
  • Olympic Channel of Catalonia
  • CRAM Foundation
  • Museum of Sant Boi
  • Museums of Esplugues
  • Agbar Water Museum
  • Sanctuary of the Virgin of Montserrat
  • Castle of Castelldefels


Gastronomy is the symbol of identity of our territory, which has a wide variety of native products grown in the Baix Llobregat Agrarian Park, such as cherries, artichokes, asparagus and Raza Prat chicken, known as "Pata Azul" and recognized with the Geographical Identification badge by the European Union.

The restaurants of the region combine their culinary knowledge with the products of the garden to prepare their dishes. The wines produced by different cellars and wineries in the region complete the range of products.

And during the Christmas season, savor the Baix Llobregat cuisine by tasting the native products of the Agrarian Park, such as the Prat Artichoke, without forgetting the Raza Prat chicken -known as Pata azul-, and other products that you can taste in the restaurants identified as "Flavors of the Garden". There are more than 50 proposals to enjoy gastronomy!


All of them are equipped with the best services to enjoy the sea. Castelldefels, Gavà, Viladecans and El Prat de Llobregat have different services to offer a multitude of proposals, from the most relaxed to the most active.

In addition to the existing infrastructure in accommodation, restaurants, "beach clubs" and "chiringuitos", we can combine our stay with walks along the Paseo Marítimo, or the practice of aquatic and nautical activities. They also have quality recognitions: Gavà, El Prat and Castelldefels have the Biosphere and Blue Flag distinction. Gavà and Castelldefels also have the Q for Tourist Quality.


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