Tour Catalonia on two wheels

Tour Catalonia on two wheels

The orography of Catalonia allows cycling trips of all levels, from the simplest, following the plains, to the most rugged and demanding. Surely you will find the most suitable for your level.

Cycling on two wheels you will discover the wonderful places of our valleys and you will also enjoy incredible panoramic views from the highest peaks. And finally, just a recommendation, when you enjoy nature, remember to leave the places where you go better than you have found them!

Catalonia offers you an extensive and varied route network. All the elements are in tune so that your cycling getaway is perfect, since you will also find municipalities, accommodations, service companies and receptive agencies prepared for cyclists.

Take the bike, we started the route!

Pedaling in the Empordà wetlands

The Cortalet This route, but is intended to launch from any point, the start in Castelló d'Empúries , specifically, in the center of the Cortalet…

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MTB route from Sant Celoni to Santa Susanna

Itinerary in crossing that crosses the Natural Park of the Montnegre and the Corridor and arrives at Santa Susanna. The route starts in the Tordera basin. Little…

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Bicycle routes through the Boí Valley

Boí-Taüll At the beginning the route follows the road in the direction of the ski resort of Boí-Taüll and after 3 km it takes the old track…

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Route of the three churches in Avià

Although Avià has more than three churches, the route will take you to the three oldest, which are the most interesting buildings in the municipality. To…

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Baix Ebre Greenway

In the city of Tortosa, capital of the Lower Ebro, we recommend visiting the so-called Royal Colleges (16th century), the Suda castle (10th century), the Cathedral…

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Carrilet Route from Olot to Girona

With a slope of 1.5%, the Carrilet Route presents little difficulty. The neck of Bas, at 620 meters, is the highest point of the route that, if you want to do it…

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La Bacicleta


Petita family business for renting electric bicycles and accessories, located in Calaf,…

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Centre Logístic de Bicicletes


The Bicycle Logistics Center (Olot-La Garrotxa) is a family business with more…

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Rutes BTT Sílvia Rovira


Organization and design outputs hiking, mountain biking and snowshoeing (winter). It combines…

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Popular bicycle ride the Pla de Santa Maria

El Pla de Santa Maria

The Bicicletada Popular del Pla de Santa Maria is already here , which will leave the Plaza de Sant Jordi at 9.30 in the morning. There will be a tour through the…

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Cultural bike in Amposta


In May it will be, one more year, a month of popular bicycles in Amposta. This municipality has scheduled, for three Saturdays in May, bicycle routes to discover…

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La Cerdanya Cycle Tour


The Cerdanya Cycle Tour arrives on July 19, an appointment that offers two spectacular tours of one of the most pleasant areas for cycling in Catalonia. Organized…

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Cycling through the magical forest of Argençola


Autumn has arrived! And autumn in Argençola is time for blights. The first days of cold the blights begin to be seen in the magical forests of Argençola.…

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World bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day or Bicycle Day is celebrated worldwide every April 19 in order to promote the use of this means of transport, draw attention to the rights of…

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Bicycle Festival in Vila-seca

Vila-seca (La Pineda)

Next Sunday, October 13 , the Bicycle Festival will take place in Vila-seca . The itinerary, which will start at half past ten from the track of the Municipal Stadium,…

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Bike ride in Viladecans


Come for a walk to discover the surroundings of Viladecans until you reach the parking lot of La Murtra where the traditional butifarrada will take place.

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Find your summer in Baix Llobregat

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Three award-winning cheese factories that we can not miss Llobregat…

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Reconnect with Catalonia

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For Sant Jordi, let's make paper roses with femturism

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The lives of the Castellum in Sant Julià de Ramis

10/07/2020 ...

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