Hermitages route

Hermitages route

Route that will allow us to discover the surroundings of the Montnegre Natural Park starting from the centre of the municipality of Santa Susanna. The route is made up of 80% of forest tracks in good condition and the rest is divided between road to link other tracks and some trails, but without technical difficulty, making this a fully cycleable route.

  • Distance: 32.5 km
  • Elevation: 768 m positive

Along the way, the cyclist will encounter different points of interest such as the hermitage of “Sant Sixt” and “Sant Tou”, ideal for stopping there and taking advantage of its shade, especially in hot weather. You can see a view of the Maresme coast.

The route can be done 365 days a year, simply keeping in mind to avoid the hottest hours during the summer and keep in mind the hours of sunlight in the winter.


This route does not have too much technical difficulty at ground level, so with the use of an electric bike, it is a route adapted to the whole population if you have a minimum of physical condition.

Hermitages route

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Where to eat

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Where to sleep

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Càmping Roca Grossa

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