Sports tourist destinations of Catalonia

Sports tourist destinations of Catalonia

Catalonia has a strong sporting tradition, which remains in force today, because each year there are over 40 international championships.

The organization of these championships, among which we can highlight the celebration of the 1992 Olympics or the 2004 World Rowing Championships, is possible thanks to the sports facilities and the organizational capacity of the available territory.

Thus, since 2003 the Catalan Tourism, which is the agency of the Government of the Generalitat with the function of promoting tourism in Catalonia, grants municipalities that meet certain conditions certified sports Sports Tourism Destination (DTE).

Certification of Sports Tourism Destination therefore aims to promote and market tourism linked with sports offered by municipalities with this stamp. Well, sports activities can become a significant tourist motor and have become a reason to visit a destination.

Today, Catalonia has 13 sports tourism destinations, which are extended by the four Catalan provinces.

Sports Tourism Destination

Catalunya Esportiu Destinació of Tourism A Sports Tourism Destination (DTE) is one that has few resources and high quality services that enable the practice of sports or enjoy events and championships this field athletes, professionals, amateurs and also tourists .

Furthermore, since 2012 the label also implements certified destinations grouping similar or related sports specialties that meet certain criteria, apart from suitable infrastructure that are the framework of sports specialty practice with significant international representation and sports disciplines can be promoted while natural environments characteristic of Catalonia. For this reason, many of the destinations have become to be recognized as DTE in the last year.

Furthermore, populations can also be classified simultaneously in centers of excellence, which allow high-level sports in calm water and rafting, mountain and sea, multi-sport destinations, which, by their nature, can be carried out more four sports, and European reference centers, which often host international championships.

The sports destinations on the Costa Brava

Costa Brava Sailing The Costa Brava is the Catalan tourism brand with a larger number of municipalities that have this certification, exactly four; Banyoles , Castelló d'Empúries , Lloret de Mar and Blanes .

The first people to receive recognition from Destination Sports were Banyoles and Castelló d'Empúries , in 2003.

Banyoles is characterized by the practice of activities such as rowing and canoeing with its pond, which is the first largest natural lake in Catalonia, which has become the sign and symbol identifying the population.

Windsurfing on the Costa Brava As Castelló d'Empúries , this municipality is linked especially to skydiving and football, two sports with tradition. In addition, it has been positioned as the destination where you can practice water sports.

In many destinations, especially sun and beach, this designation allows them to diversify tourism. This happens, for example, in the case of Castelló d'Empúries or also from Lloret de Mar .

Lloret de Mar was certified in 2006. And, today, is one of the most complete in relation to the performance of various sports disciplines. That is listed as multisport destination.

Blanes was credited later, in 2009. But has joined Lloret de Mar to be a multi-sport destination. In fact, this philosophy is transmitted in the Ciudad Deportiva Blanes.

The Pyrenees whitewater

Sort i Piragüisme to the Catalunya Pyrenees In the province of Lleida, in the Pyrenees, two municipalities have been recognized as sports tourism destination, thanks in part to the rough waters that run through this territory, the Segre and Noguera Pallaresa.

For one La Seu d'Urgell , capital of the Alt Urgell, has this designation since 2006, although it is noted that this population was the venue of the Olympic Games 92.

Moreover, the Noguera Pallaresa Township prompted the Sort was designated as such the same year as La Seu d'Urgell . In addition, this population has become a destination benchmark for the practice of canoeing.

Also, the Aran Valley is part of the sports destination. This territory was certified in 2003 and currently is an established destination in terms of high mountain activities such as rafting, climbing, etc.. therefore natural environment makes this destination an ideal area for this purpose.

Along the coast of Barcelona

Atletisme the coast of Barcelona Back on the coast, this time to Barcelona, ??find the city Maresme Calella in the year 2009 was designated as the destination with an offer multisport, among which athletics, running and triathlon, football and swimming.

The same year he was awarded the seal in Castelldefels , Baix Llobregat municipality since the '92 Games Olympic has a channel that has become a premier sports facility in terms of sports in calm water. Add, too, that in 2013 is designated as a European City of Sport.

Prior to these municipalities, Santa Susanna and seal available in 2007 in the sports of cycling, sailing, football and team sports. Highlighting the Santa Susanna Cycling project, with a number of cycle paths that can be started in the town, where the accommodations, top quality and located mostly in the sea, have specific requirements for these athletes.

Cambrils, Salou and Amposta

The latest destinations that have been certified as complete sports and the list of the thirteen are Cambrils (Tarragona), Salou (Tarragona) and Amposta (Montsi?).

Soccer Complex Salou Esportiu Salou , certified in 2013, is positioned as an ideal destination for football. The municipality is located Salou Football sports complex that has 16 hectares with artificial turf and natural grass.

Cambrils , neighboring population and has been recognized as a sport in the same year, is characterized as a multi-sport destination, especially oriented to athletics, football, sailing and cycling.

Finally, and to the south of Catalonia, we find the town of Amposta that got the seal of DTE in 2012, becoming the first destination of the Gold Coast and the Ebro with this recognition. Note that it has been designated as Polo excellence in the practice of rowing in calm waters, made ??possible by the presence of the river Ebro.

In addition, this population, with a long tradition in the sport, hosts facilities Rowing Center Modernization.


Girona has become an ideal destination for sports. Each year, many teams and professional athletes choose the city attracted by the charm of its territory, the quality of its sports facilities, the offer of accommodation and tourist services that the city offers tailored to their needs.

The sports offer, complemented with the heritage appeal of the population, its renowned cuisine and hosts events throughout the year make it a perfect destination to combine the sport, training and enjoyment of the holiday.

The DTE brand positions the city of Girona as a tourist destination tailored to the needs of athletes looking to make their training and improve their physical and technical performance.

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

The Barcelona town of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat received the seal of Sports Tourism Destination in 2015, certifying in Multisport mode (athletics, swimming, soccer and team sports).

Several municipal facilities perfectly equipped for these sports and a wide complementary range of hotels have been key to achieve this certification.

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