Reconnect with the Costa Brava



Are you also crazy to see us again on the Costa Brava? An area that is a classic at this time of year, with its mild and Mediterranean climate, in a natural environment that combines the beauty of mountain landscapes with the intense light of its coves. Centuries of tradition guarantee it in the care of the well-being of body and mind, thanks to the confluence of cultures and natural resources present in the territory.

The good weather arrives, the days get longer and we start making plans: "See you soon on the seafront, right?", "They say they have opened a new restaurant by the sea, which is very good!", Or " Come on, call me one of these days and we are going to do that section of the round road that we have pending ". And, without you realizing it, you have already put on your trekking shoes and are dying to explore any of the seven natural parks in the territory, three of which are located on the coastline and the marina, which has 31 % of its protected area. And you imagine walking barefoot on the beach, sharing a table with your family and enjoying some good anchovies from L'Escala and a rice from Pals with a glass of DO Empordà wine.

But no one escapes that this is not a year like the others. And, among all the consequences that this entails, there is a very clear one: that we are more eager than ever to enjoy the coast with our family and our friends and to see all the people of the Costa Brava again. Dreaming about living new experiences gives us well-being and freedom. There is no pandemic in the world capable of extinguishing the desire to travel. Iberians, Greeks and Romans already discovered the richness of this land centuries ago and left us an incalculable legacy, as is also that of the Romanesque, which treasures authentic architectural jewels. The castles and fortresses, together with the medieval towns, the Jewish legacy, the great works of modernism and the literary imprint of Josep Pla, mark the identity of these regions and of the people with whom you are so eager to meet again.

So that we can live the summer as we have been dreaming it for so many days, the establishments and services of the Costa Brava have been following all the recommended measures and protocols with the greatest possible rigor for weeks, ensuring every detail so that we do not have to worry about nothing but enjoying the summer and having time for ourselves. Tourist accommodation, travel agencies, restaurants, beaches, leisure and cultural centers and spaces, tourist guides, transport and shops, among others, apply the sectoral regulations approved by official government bodies.

You notice how it gets closer, right? A very special summer awaits us on the Costa Brava, discovering its most hidden secrets. Those that the inhabitants of the region keep to themselves. And it is that just by looking up a little you will discover a universe of unforgettable places, experiences and people. If you come here, you will go crazy with the impressive colors of the 245 beaches and coves, with skydiving, with a baptism of diving in the Medes islands maritime reserve or watching a sunset from the Bay of Roses, according to UNESCO one of the most beautiful in the world. You will also surely lose your mind playing on the Costa Brava golf courses and pedaling on the greenways. You will go crazy as Salvador Dalí with the Palamós prawn, with the 18 Michelin stars spread throughout the territory and with each and every one of the wineries of the DO Empordà Wine Route. And you will be amazed with the different sustainable initiatives offered by companies in the region and with the experiences accessible to all segments and audiences, to universalize the right to enjoy leisure and holidays.


A summer that we will surely always remember. Perhaps for this reason, although there are still a few weeks left, we are already so eager to experience it. Maybe that's why we're crazy to see each other again.


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Flower and garden fairs

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