Wine lands Priory

Wine lands Priory

When we refer to the territory of the Priory tarraconense inevitably also we do it from his wine because, despite being a region of small dimensions, enjoys international prestige as a wine reference.

The reality today in this region makes us think that popular expression that says "hi pot has the bona petit jam" ( "on the little boat there is good jam"), and the Priory is no exception. The landscape, gastronomy, tradition, people, farming practices... are the ingredients offered by this territory and its own wine we invite you to discover.

An area, possibly due to its rugged geography characterized by known costers Llicorella, has maintained its identity to over the years and, today, allows you to obtain high quality wines.

The wine, a product that identifies the Priory, collect all the items and character of this land. It is the result of a continuous and balanced effort between tradition and modernity, between tranquility and rhythm, among vineyards and wineries, between man and nature.

The Priory is, therefore, a territory not only to observe but also to taste.

Falset, the wine capital

Falset (Vinya Llach) (vi del Priorat Route) Falset stands as the capital of the region and, by extension, as the wine capital.

In this population we can enter the world of wine and understand linking it with the Priorat region visiting the interpretation center of the wine culture of Priorat, located in the Castle of Falset and that for this reason, also known as the "Castle wine".

Your visit allows a global view of the region as its rooms house a model of the territory in question which allows contrasting with the view "in situ" from the viewpoint that is located on the second floor of the castle.

Celler Cooperatiu Falset (Priorat Route vi) In Falset also found another significant icon of the wine world, agricultural cooperative. A must, dates from 1919 and has become one of the most representative wineries of Catalonia. Its construction was designed by an architect from the city of Valls Cesar Martinell, a disciple of Gaudí.

Even inside some wooden tub of the time it was built is preserved. Besides, the theatrical visits made take us back to those times, rebuilding the actividadde this space.

Falset, as a good host wine, also hosts the Wine Fair, an exhibition of wines of Appellations of Origin Priorat held annually in late April and early May.

Gratallops or "welcome place to the wolves"

The region of Priorat has preserved its personality represented by the symbiosis between nature and culture. It welcomes municipalities, c Gratallops (grat lloc als llops) (Ruta del Vi del Priorat) omo Gratallops, they are an example of such conservation.

Although the origin of the name of Gratallops comes from being considered a territory like the wolves, it is now recognized as one of the Priorat municipalities with significant wine activity.

Its municipal attends various cooperatives and wineries that open their doors to the public in order to deepen inside and understand their "know - how" in the production of a wine that is personal and proper.

Cooperative Gratallops, created in 1991, has become an umbrella wine of small local cooperatives belonging to the populations of Gratallops, the Lloar, Vilella Alta and La Vilella Baixa, which have joined forces to obtain a quality wine. For this reason, the cooperative is known as the Priory of Wine.

For a comprehensive wine experience, beyond the interpretative, always take the tour to the Chapel of the Mother of God of consolidation that, from the top of a hill, watches over the town and its vineyards, forming a picturesque landscape.

Escaladei, cradle of Priorat wines

Runes d'Escaladei (Ruta del Vi del Priorat) in Escaladei   or Scala Dei, town of Saracen origin, where it is said that born Priorat wines. This creation have been preserved, in addition to wine, the ruins of the ancient monastery, the first community built in the Iberian Peninsula.

The monastery of the Order of Cartuja was built by the monks of San Bruno from Provence. They found in the Priory a unique land of great wealth that allowed them to create the hub of economic activity in the region, increased the existing population, built mills and, more importantly, boosted the cultivation of the vine.

The construction of the monastery represents the origin of Priorat wines but also the creation of the region, which then was nonexistent.

The Carthusian monks took advantage of the wealth and quality of the territory which, combined with his knowledge and passion for liquor, allowed them to make wine. So, they built an identity in an uninhabited land, Priorat, which currently remains alive.

Emblem Cartoixa (Monestir Escaladei) The legend is Escaladei

Popular voices explain the reason why the monks of San Bruno decided to locate in the current term Cartuja of Escaladei   it was because they found a shepherd who told them he had dreamed that in the place where grazing his flock, saw angels who had access to heaven by stairs hanging from a pine tree growing in this space.

The monks, having knowledge of this fact, interpreted what he saw in his dreams the pastor was a sign of God and therefore had to build the small cloister there.

This legend also explains the origin of the name of Escaladei  , Meaning "staircase to God".

The Priory, synonymous with wine

Porrera (Ruta del Vi del Priorat) It is proven that all municipalities in the Priory have the same reality, all they give us to know their wine character while we are invited to taste and savor one of its most precious products, wine.

Over the years, it has not lost its agricultural essence, rather the opposite, with the enhancement of wine, they have strengthened their identity.

And the city of Porrera is no exception, and the rest of the populations of the region that have not been mentioned but which deserve the same recognition.

Porrera is a village surrounded by hazelnut trees and vineyards, especially vineyards of Grenache and Carignan. It contains several wineries that have great popularity. Even the Catalan singer Lluis Llach, who lives in this town where his mother was born, has created his own winery.

For all these reasons and others that remain to be discovered, we recommend that you enjoy this landscape proposal and, at the same time, gastronomic, who seduces the eye, through mountains and costs Llicorella, and ultimately attracts your taste.

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