Braseria Les Comes L’Esquirol

Mas Les Comes, ctra C-153 km 18,7 L’Esquirol

If what you are looking for is a different place to have a good meal, here is a farmhouse in the middle of the forest that will make you fall in love... La Braseria Les Comes is within the Anigami Adventure Park facilities where you will find more than 15 activities to choose from for all audiences, some of them for individuals, others for groups, etc.

We offer menus of salads with love and km0 grilled meats at very popular prices. For families, groups, companies, family celebrations, informal weddings...

  • Children's Menu -   Beef burgers with fries, ketchup, ice cream and drink | (up to 12 years and includes the playground).
  • Cantonigròs Butifarra Menu -   Goat cheese salad with nuts and vinaigrette + grilled Cantonigròs sausage with potatoes.
  • Collsacabra Grill Menu -   Goat cheese salad with nuts and vinaigrette + grilled meat with garlic and oil (sausage, bacon, Rupit cheeks and lamb) and potatoes.
  • Entrecôte a la forja menu - Goat cheese salad with nuts and vinaigrette + grilled brown veal entrecote with potatoes.
  • Vegetarian menu - Goat cheese salad with nuts and vinaigrette or quinoa & organic couscous and grilled vegetables + vegetarian burger.

All cooked with Km0 products from ranchers and farmers from Collsacabra.

The restaurant has several covered spaces, in the room or outdoors for up to 250 people. Check our lunch packs + activities for schools, families and groups.

The Restaurant-Braseria open every weekend from March to October or any day of the year for a minimum group of 20 people.


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