Restaurant el Pont 9 Camprodon

Carrer Camí de la Cerdanya, 1 Baixos. Camprodon

El Pont 9 is a restaurant that, like most, does not pretend nothing but improve every day from work and effort, but above all from the enthusiasm and desire to satisfy the people who have trusted them since which began in 2001.

They are in the center of Camprodon, just before the Puente Nuevo (XII century), which can be seen from the main dining room, a lounge for 35 people. In the back there is another room where you can enjoy the waters of the River Ter. The restaurant has three dining rooms for 6, 8 and 12 people for customers who want more privacy and tranquility.

The Contxita and Lola grandmother taught that the basis of a good kitchen is the product. Here begins his work: how to choose the best products of their environment that farmers offer us even today. Thus, the customer can enjoy a humble and simple kitchen, because they try to identify the diner tastes, smells and textures of the original food that sometimes are not taken into account.

Tradition, never forgotten evolves daily with new trends and technologies, they learn from the great chefs and take into account customer feedback, whose judgment and his critical help them make little steps that approach slowly total satisfaction.


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