Volcanoes and other landscapes in La Garrotxa

Volcanoes and other landscapes in La Garrotxa

The region of La Garrotxa is located at the eastern end of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees and is known as the volcanic area of ??Catalonia. Its geographical location makes it attractive both for its proximity to the sea, the coast of L'Alt Empordà, such as proximity to the mountainous regions of the country.

The volcanic area of ??La Garrotxa Natural Park has been declared, enhancing conservation. The park has 46 volcanoes which can be climbed without special complication, but the Santa Margarita and the Croscat you can not lose, are the largest and curious, and are entitled to be visited. Beyond this area, the charm that hides this region are many and we want to awaken the enthusiasm of discovering ...

Entering the medieval legacy

Castellfollit of the Rock Start the route through the east of the region where we find Besalu . This town almost perfectly preserved its medieval origins. The most important building and used as an icon of the town is the Roman bridge, the only one in Catalonia with seven arches. Its construction, along with the wall, is the fourteenth century. The visit Besalu do perfectly walk, walk the cobblestone streets, visiting the churches of St. Peter and St. Vincent and the discovery of the Jewish baths, I enjoy more directly to the essence that permeates medieval this population. However, for the more daring, in the office of Besalu can rent bikes and balloon flights to enjoy an alternative visit. In this same office you can arrange guided tours of the village, some also with theatrical evening.

For the myths that surround Besalu would be good to read The Bridge Gironell Martí Jews.

A village perched on the cliff

The next stop along the N-260 road to Olot will Castellfollit of the Rock of the Rock, one of the smallest towns in Catalonia, with 1000 inhabitants and an area of less than 1km2. Before arriving, from the road, you can see a fantastic view of the Rock Castellfollit . The village is hung on basaltic cliffs about 50 feet high, these cliffs were created from the solidification of lava from the volcano Croscat and subsequent erosion of rivers Fluvia and Torronell for millions of years. The old medieval style population and narrow streets give it a certain charm, together with the tower of San Roque are the most interesting to visit.

A walk through the Nature and peoples

If you take the same road back will take you to Olot , the capital of the region, and from there you can take the road GI-524 towards La Fageda d'en Jorda, volcanoes and Santa Pau . You can leave your car in the forecourt of Can Serra and visit the area on foot as it is clearly marked.

The Fageda d'en Jorda Upon entering the Natural Park that you will have to apply for a permit you can get into the park information office, in the same plaza. There will also report on the nearly thirty proposed routes of different levels and outlasted, to do in the area, and also the horse carriage rides and the Fageda. Many of these routes are circular, and can devote half a day.

The high Fageda beech growing on flat ground and reddish because Croscat lava. This takes on a spooky forest at sunset, and throughout the year, the space is filled with an orange, spectacular in autumn. Fageda has been a source of inspiration for famous Catalan writers. Maragall described him as:

"un indret verd i profond
com mai cap més n'hagis trobat al món:
un verd com d'aigua endins, profond i clar;
el verd de la fageda d'en Jordà."

Within the Fageda we wil find the Cooperative La Fageda . This non-profit company employs all people of the region of La Garrotxa decreases suffering psychological or mental illness and are willing to work. It is dedicated to the production of yogurt 100% natural, high quality, and the cultivation of plants, being the largest landscaping company in the region and third in production of lactic derivatives. It is interesting to visit, so much to see the social project carried out, and to assess the development of their products are highly valued throughout Catalonia.

Volcà Croscat The volcano of Santa Margarita is curious small Romanesque chapel built in the crater, surrounded by vast fields of grass and woods that reveal the red earth. Finally Croscat accessible to disabled people as it can go in a small train, is the highest in the peninsula (160m). It has a huge cross section was done when he was a mine, and now to appreciate the various stages of formation.

After the walk, we can continue the road to Santa Pau . This quiet little town also retains its medieval core, but is known for its cultivation of peas in volcanic soil. It is very busy in the fair pea celebrating by San Antonio. If you have the possibility to buy a few or Enjoy them at a restaurant in the area.

An area to discover: La Vall d'en Bas

Returning to Olot on the same road and continue south along the C-152 towards Sant Esteve d'en Bas, go into the Vall d'en Bas . This is a set of seven stocks that form a single municipality, framed in wonderful scenery. The tops of the massif Puigsacalm and Santa Magdalena, both around 1500m high, leading the sky of these places, with more features silhouettes of the area. Also a continuum of streams and estuaries that flow into the Fluvia, moisten the foot of the mountains. In the center we find the villas d'Hostalets d'en Bas and Mallol, both listed as historic and artistic, highly conserved and well maintained; Seize for a walk and worth. For the more adventurous, continue on the path that has brought you this far and find them Gorgues of Sant Privat, small retention of water where you can bathe you. If you ask anyone in the area will direct you.

An interesting bike ride through this area is the route of the railway, which runs from Olot to Girona following an old railroad track. The first 20km of the road are in the land of La Garrotxa, crossing part of the Vall d'en Bas . This route is easy and enjoyable, perfectly entitled to do as a family.


download the brochure of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa

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