Get to know the native fauna of Catalonia

Get to know the native fauna of Catalonia

The geographical characteristics and the marked altitude variation allow Catalonia to be a territory with a great variety of native fauna species . Species are considered autochthonous wildlife the natural distribution of which Catalonia encompasses, because they reproduce, hibernate or are in transit. It also includes the species of fish and marine animals on the Catalan coast.

In the forests you will find such interesting species as the grouse, the roe deer or the black woodpecker; the meadows and thickets live hares, rabbits and foxes; the rocky places are home to chamois and topos de tartera; on the cliffs the large birds of prey nest and breed; the rivers highlight the native trout and the otter, and in the rafts and wetlands the Pyrenean newt and the red frog.

Traveling around Catalonia and seeing how some of these protagonists live is quite a spectacle. As visitors, it is necessary that we respect them at home, so we must be stealthy and prudent so as not to break the stillness and rhythm of life in their habitat.

The defense of these species is promoted by various institutions and organizations, in order to contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem chain.

Route through the Sierra Cavallera

Leaving the Avingauda de las Minas, we have to follow the road until we find the junction that allows us to go to Sant Martí de Ogassa or Sant Martí…

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The red coral: a thousand-year-old history of Catalonia

Begur Time, the Indians, the cork industrialists and the coraleros, have written the most important pages of the history of this area, which is reflected in the…

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Cormorant Route by Calella

We will find the exit from the wooden bridge of Riera Capaspre, we go towards the new wooden bridge of the Roca Grossa crossing until Las Torres. Going down from…

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Squirrel route in Premià de Dalt

The Chair of the Bishop The hill, although with some lush pine, gives us a beautiful view of the descent of the mountains towards the plains of the Maresme, with…

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Cistercian Route II: Culture, fauna and flora around Santes…

The Monastery of Santes Creus begin construction in 1160, after a decade of debate on its final location. It is a splendid building in the style of medieval Catalan,…

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Rukimon - Rucs del Corredor


Do you want to walk with a donkey? Would you rather ride…

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Mas Casablanca


The Mas Casablanca is a traditional country house, which is one that…

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Muria, Centre d'Interpretació Apícola

El Perelló

It offers a journey through the world of bees through several areas…

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Centre Camadoca

Santa Maria de Merlès

Camadoca is a center where conservation tasks of native fauna of our…

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Obaga activitats

Alt Àneu

Obaga is a company of environmental services and ecotourism that trembles the…

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L' Aquàrium de Barcelona


A privileged place to get to know the bottom of the sea…

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Cim d'Àligues

Sant Feliu de Codines

Center specialized in raptors. The flight session and the guided tour of…

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Mas Marcè


Mas Marcè is made up of a family that has been shepherds…

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Fundació Mona

Riudellots de la Selva

The Mona Foundation is a non-profit organization that has a rescue and…

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Butterfly park

Castelló d'Empúries

The Butterfly Park is an indoor tropical garden, about 2000m2, located in…

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A trip to the animal world, a journey with dolphins, sea lions,…

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Fuives, centre mundial del ruc català


Stroll along the paths of Fuives for close more than a hundred…

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Granja Natura (Centre d'Apropament a la Natura)


Ideal for families! Offers children and adults the opportunity to discover, touch,…

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Enjoy the bellowing of the deer in the Leridano Pyrenees

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Visits to the natural area of the Acequia Mayor


As every year, during the month of August visits to the natural area of the Acequia Mayor begin. This year, however, it will be necessary to come with a mask, maintain…

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Activities for adults to Rukimon Donkeys of the Corridor


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October 4, World Animal Day

From femturisme we want to wish you a Happy World Animal Day! The purpose of this date is to remember the importance of all the animal species with which we share…

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National contest of the Catalan Pyrenean horse in Puigcerdà


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Feast of San Sebastián in Súria

24/01/2021 ...

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Modernism and flowers exhibition at the Abelló Museum in Mollet…

24/11/2020 - 24/01/2021

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