MónNatura Pirineus Alt Àneu

MónNaturaPirineus, opened in 2002, is located in the beautiful landscape of the Valls d'Àneu in culd, located a few kilometers from the town of Son. This villa of the Pyrenees, is located 1,393 meters above sea level and currently has 25 residents, has a slightly staggered appearance, characterized by the silhouette of the Romanesque church of Sant Just and Sant Pastor, examples of traditional architecture of the villages mountain.

MónNaturaPirineus is a center that offers unique facilities in the Pyrenees that allow visitors to enjoy the high mountains and discover its attractions, placing value on the culture of sustainability and providing identification and respect for the different elements that make up the landscape.

It is a bioclimatic building of over 3,000m2, which uses renewable energy. It has a fully equipped laboratory, a planetarium, an auditorium with seating capacity of 165, a library and a specialist in environmental issues, toy library and media center computer area.

To place a look at the cosmos, MónNaturaPirineus features an astronomical observatory. The tours offered are a spectacular uniqueness thanks to the absence of light and air pollution.

In addition, MónNaturaPirineus is a wildlife center that provides first-hand some of the most representative species of the wildlife of the Pyrenees. And the environment MónNaturaPirineus offers a wide range of landscapes, colors and lights that vary throughout the year depending on the season in which we are making to discover the same landscapes with different nuances. We can walk and get into black pine forests or shady woods, listening to the ringing of black whistle or see dozens of butterflies flying passing through meadows in the area.

Stays and activities are aimed at families, individuals, groups, seniors and schools, ranging from half-day to seven days, adapting to the needs and preferences of each. In summer stays nature and labor camps for children and youth are also performed.


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