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Mas Casablanca, Mas Casablanca, Taradell Taradell

Mas Casablanca is a traditional Catalan country house that has an informative and pedagogical desire, since it shows life as a countryman, so that children and also adults understand and value the relationship that unites us with the land and the animals, learning to love her and respect her.

During the visits there is direct contact with the animals, you can touch them, which is what the little ones like the most, hearing with their fingers the textures of the hair, wool or feathers. He will give them food and they will enjoy surrounded by nature. But Casablanca still maintains the balance between the cultivation of the land, the raising of livestock and the people. It is also the setting for the stories of Fermí and Valentina, two mice who live on the farm and where through their adventures they will make the farmer discover life throughout the year, dedicating a story each month.

We offer two different options to visit Mas Casablanca; taking a free or guided tour.


It is indicated to be done as a family but not in groups. We will give you a map and you can visit the farm at your own pace. You will find explanations for each animal, you will be able to touch them and you will also have to find Fermí and Valentina, two very naughty mice that are hidden around the farm!

Visiting hours are from Tuesday to Sunday.


The visit lasts approximately two hours and we will accompany you throughout the entire tour. This visit is designed for both families and groups and is suitable for all ages. We will see all the animals on the farm, you will be able to feed them, we will get on the tractors, we will show them the Casablanca garden and we will explain how a farmhouse works. If you want to be farmers for a day and enjoy a unique experience knowing all the details, this is your visit!

Visiting hours are Saturday, Sunday and holidays. If you are a group of more than 30 people we can do a guided tour for you with the menu included.


It has an entire meadow with a parking area and a picnic area with tables and chairs to bring food from home and make the day perfect! There is also the option of coming in a motorhome or van and staying overnight.

For more than 30 years we have offered visits for families, schools, summer camps, vocational training, and senior residences. Ah! And we have the Shelter space, a space to hold celebrations, children's parties or workshops.

You can find more information, schedules and buy tickets directly on the website

We wait for you!


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