Rukimon - Rucs del Corredor Dosrius

Rukimon de Dalt, Camí del Santuari del Corredor Dosrius

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On the occasion of the measures for covid19 we have moved to the pastures of La Carena del Corredor. We have enabled a path that runs along the entire perimeter of them.

A place with very wide spaces between fields and holm oak shadows, where there are no common areas, where clean air is guaranteed and where the distance from people who are not part of your family or friends is assured.

This is to the detriment of the comfort facilities but, on the contrary, it makes the stay a much more integrated experience in nature and in the life of the donkeys.

You will discover the world of these animals while you get to know them up close in their natural habitat. Anyone can visit us. It has no difficulty.

The walking tour lasts approximately 1/2 hour. You can all go walking or rent a burrito to carry the children during the route.

At the end of the tour, you can spend a good time interacting. Feed the donkeys that you liked the most with a succulent menu prepared expressly for their needs, enter the space where you can pet and interact with the donkeys in freedom.

Price of the visit: adults € 5, children from 4 years € 3

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