Peralada Mas Marcè Siurana

C/Ribera, 5 Siurana

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Peralada Mas Marcè is made up of a family that has been dedicated to shepherding for more than 6 generations. Located in the heart of Empordà, we have dedicated ourselves to recovering the Ovella Ripollesa, an autochthonous Catalan breed, and to making artisanal and organic products derived from its milk.

The objective of this project is to recover three values that until now had been lost:

  • The Empordà recuit which is a traditional product of the area.
  • Vegetable rennet «herbacolo» for the elaboration of the products.
  • Recover the sheep of the Ripollesa breed, native to Catalonia, as a milk producer.

One of our objectives is to prioritize that our sheep feed exclusively on pastures and cereals from our farm. Everything is ecological. Ripollesa sheep's milk is of high quality, since it produces half a liter of milk a day in two milkings. It is the main base of all the products we make, such as recuit (cottage cheese), yogurt, kefir and cheese.

We invite you to come to know the day to day of an ecological and sustainable farm. We will visit the sheep pen where we will give a bottle to an orphan lamb, we will see the workshop from the outside, and we will taste the main products that we make on the farm, such as cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese. You also have the option of doing a workshop or two, we propose the cottage cheese workshop or the wool workshop.

The cottage cheese workshop consists of learning how to curdle milk with the natural herbacol vegetable rennet to obtain cottage cheese and later extract the whey to obtain the recuit and thus become aware of how to make fresh cheese.

In the wool workshop, visitors will be able to experience how wool was carded before the industrial revolution, with manual cards, and learn how to make an accessory with wool.

The visit can be carried out in Catalan, Spanish or French, and it is necessary to make a prior reservation to check availability. They can be done throughout the year and are open to families, educational centers and organized groups. The visits we offer are the following:

After realizing that consumers were really interested in how we made them, it was when we thought it appropriate to open the doors of our farm without losing our values: Traditionality, authenticity and recovered values.

Activity prices

Visit + Tasting

  • Children 3-11 Years: 40% Discount.
  • Babies 0-2 Years: Free

Visit + 1 Workshop (Recuit or Wool) + Tasting

  • Children 3-11 Years: 40% Discount.
  • Babies 0-2 Years: Free

Visit + 2 Recuit and Wool Workshops + Tasting

  • Children 3-11 Years: 40% Discount.
  • Babies 0-2 Years: Free


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