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Humans are sociable beings that we tend to group with like-minded people, with whom we create close ties. Friends are our social support and with them we enjoy unique moments. During the months of confinement, our relationships have been very limited and it is time to re-foster relationships with our group of friends. Catalonia awaits us with a lot of proposals to make it possible.

Try to put aside work and your daily obligations and start making plans with your group of friends. In addition to sharing good times, having support in difficult times and releasing stress, it will increase your well-being and your quality of life!

In all corners of our country, a lot of proposals await you so that you can reconnect with your friends and enjoy the attractions that Catalonia offers you: adventure sports in unbeatable settings, leisure proposals such as escapes room or theme parks or even, tastings and tastings for the most gourmets.

Test your wit

The escape rooms are one of the best options for a good experience full of mysteries and enigmas for all ages. Any occasion is good for an escape room: an outing with friends, a birthday party, a bachelor party or an outing with coworkers.

Live an adventure in the middle of nature and release tension

After the monotony and routine of the last months, it is very likely that you will need to release tension. The best way to do this is to download adrenaline through adventure sports with your whole group of friends.

Let yourself be seduced by gastronomy and wine

Throughout the Catalan geography we find experiences around wine and gastronomy that will immerse you fully in the main wine production regions of Catalonia, tastings and exquisite menus in Michelin Star restaurants. All of them unique and experiential experiences that deserve to be shared with friends.

Do you have a date for the next outing with friends?

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