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Defining what the culture of a people is is not an easy task, but if there is something that we are clear about, it is that culture makes us vibrate, excites us and makes us feel more alive. In a certain way, we can define culture as any collection of customs, expressions of art, ways of doing things and traditions that give rise to a legacy in the form of tangible and intangible heritage that is reflected in the identity of the people of a territory. And Catalonia has been from its origins a space for the confluence and exchange of cultures and ideas, allowing us to enjoy, today, a highly varied, unique and world-renowned cultural legacy.

Ruins and historical vestiges that tell us about our origins and roots; the history of art through Romanesque and modernist architecture, charming medieval towns that take us back in time; industrial heritage; the very history of Catalonia, unique and incomparable festivities; literary routes; museums and monuments that allow us to interpret and understand all this legacy among a great many more are just a few tourist resources that invite us to stroll, rediscover and reconnect with the identity of Catalan culture.

In addition, cultural visits go beyond simple leisure, since they are excellent experiences to live with family, friends or a partner or why not, alone, which in addition to having a playful nature allow us, at the same time, to learn and create a meaningful and conscious link with this legacy and heritage.

Below we propose some activities and experiences so that you can live first-hand the vestiges, witnesses, traditions, routes and experiences that will make you enjoy the history and culture of our land

A trip through Catalan art

Bet on Catalan

Delve into a world of fantasy and emotions, in the circus

Enjoy the theater with the five senses

Get carried away by the culture: literary femturisme

Sant Jordi, the Day of books and roses in Catalonia 2024

The musical theater in Catalonia

Travel back in time with antiques fairs


Raffle: 10-minute karting for 2 people at the Osona Karting…

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The secrets that the swamps hide

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Adventure & Spa Getaway at the Ribieres Hotel

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535 € 451,50 €

Guided visit to the Roman Theater of Tarragona

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June 21, World Music Day


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Talents Jazz La Pedrera

20/06/2024 - 21/06/2024 ...

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