In recent years, the sky and the stars have become a tourist attraction of great value in Catalonia. Astrotourism is an activity that takes place especially in small and sparsely populated municipalities where there is no industrial development. They are territories that also have low levels of light pollution and pollution. These are key aspects for astronomical observation.

These unparalleled oases of darkness open the doors for authentic astronomical experiences. When it gets dark, the astronomical show begins and you can enjoy sensory experiences that combine live images, captured by the observatories telescope, and even dinners and nights under the stars.

They are ideal activities to enjoy with your partner, friends or family. In fact, they are experiences that can be perfectly combined with leisure activities in nature and thus complement your tourist experience.

Catalan observatories present didactic activities and dissemination of science and manage to awaken interest in astronomy, while at the same time putting value on the territory.

Flights Forget for a few hours that you step on Earth and get closer to the stars through an unforgettable experience? Go astronomical tourism for Catalonia!

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